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School's Out

School's Out - Respite Rescue - New!

BOSP recently moved to being a 6 day a week respite provider, thanks to support from Mid and South Essex Health and Care  Partnership and ALMT, National Emergency Fund and The Big Issue Invest.  Such has been the success of this emergency project that we are continuing to deliver this service.

Once schools started to re-open following the first lock-down, it was brought to our attention that:

Some children and young people were still not in full-time education as their school could not cope with their support needs along with  COVID regulations.  This was resulting in parent carers unable to work as they had to return to their full-time caring duties.

Some children were not at school at all due to insufficient places available at Special School's.

Some children were not at school full-time because their social anxiety and resultant behaviours meant that the school or the child could not cope.

How can 'School's Out' help!

BOSP's high support ratios, very small groups and experienced staff along with funding from our kind grant makers means we can now offer week-day sessions with full care, that provides a vital break to parent carers and fits around siblings school pick up times.

The aim of these week-day sessions is to help keep families in work and provide the children and young people with the social stimulus, confidence and life skills required to enable them to be as independent as they possibly can be, supporting a possible return to school once a suitable place is found.

For more information or to arrange a trial session, please contact The BOSP Office on 012687 553117.

BOSP Brighter Opportunities for Special People  School's Out  (Weekday's)
BOSP Brighter Opportunities for Special People  Face-to-face Sessions During COVID-19