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2022 Presentation Dinner

The club presentation dinner was held in the club house on 12th November.

All who attended enjoyed a four course meal provided by the hard working caterers. During the meal two table top A4 quizzes were handed out for everyone to participate in. Thanks go to Lesley Holmes who worked so hard to get this event over the finishing line. She provided the answers to the quizzes and thanked the caterers and those who had helped with the event.

This was followed by club captain Mick Cousins handing awards to those winners and runners up in the pre-covid short mat season.


Winners           Bob Holiday, Lesley Holmes and Peter Shead

Runners up     John Agate, Neville Taylor and Brian May


Winners          Brian Whittaker and Mike Best

Runners up    Tim prior and Pauline Hunt

Mixed Singles

Winner           Neville Taylor

Runner up     Peter Shead