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Bourton-on-the-Water Parish Council

Burials & Allotments

Committee Members

  • Cllr Robin Daniel (Chairman)
  • Cllr Jim Cowen 
  • Cllr Lynda Hicks
  • Cllr Stephen Senior 
  • Cllr Bill Wragge

The Burials and Allotments Committee deals with the administration of the cemetery, gardens of remembrance and issues arising from the transfer of maintenance responsibility for St Lawrence's closed churchyard. It also addresses matters relating to the administration of the local allotment sites, currently situated at Cemetery Lane, Springvale and Piece Hedge. 


Many residents will already be aware that there is only a finite amount of space at the Cemetery available for burials (the new Garden of Remembrance provides ample space for the interment of ashes well into the future). Whilst this has not yet reached a critical stage, investigations are already underway to try to identify additional space that may be suitable for burial plots. Until these investigations have progressed further, it has been agreed that no new burial plots will be able to be reserved in advance. Obviously, any plots already reserved will be unaffected by this decision, which will only apply in respect of new applications. The decision will be reviewed periodically as investigations progress.

Jubilee Garden of Remembrance

The existing Garden of Remembrance is now be closed for further interments, other than for additional interments in existing plots, but this area will continue to be maintained in future years, as it is today.

Benches have been installed for visitors to the new Jubilee Garden, and these are also  available for adoption by residents.  

Regulations have been established to facilitate the administration of the Cemetery and Gardens of Remembrance.  These mainly reflect accepted good practice but do include one or two provisions of which residents should be aware.

The Council has also now provided an area for the scattering of Ashes which is a facility which hasn't previously been available for residents. The new Ashes Garden will allow residents to scatter ashes in a flower bed provided for this purpose and, if they wish, to also purchase a memorial plaque which will be affixed to the surrounding kerb, or reserve a space on the kerb for future years.  However, residents must apply to scatter ashes in advance, and we'd ask everyone to respect this requirement.  

The Council recently took a decision to increase burial and memorial fees for the forthcoming year, albeit these fees are still below those charged by many neighbouring towns and parishes.  The Council previously decided to increase fees over a time as maintenance of this space is still subsidised by the Council to a considerable degree. The new charges will apply from 1st January 2018.

Please click on the attachments below for details of the new regulations, which are also available in booklet form from the Council Office, and the fees for 2018.

Guidance for Funeral Directors/Memorial Masons

Guidance relating to the process for applying for a burial, interment or installation/adjustment of a memorial are contained within the Regulations attached below. Details of the current fee schedule, diagrams showing the maximum dimensions of memorials permitted in the Cemetery and Gardens of Remembrance and the Council's standard Interment Notice are also available via the attachments below.

Any remaining queries should be directed to the Clerk at the Council Office, 09.00-17.00, Tuesday-Friday.

George Moore Memorial

The Council instructed the refurbishment of George Moore’s memorial after receiving family pledges. These works were completed in April 2017 and the photograph below shows what a significant improvement this has made.

Bourton-on-the-Water Parish Council Burials & Allotments


All plots at the three sites are currently let and there is short Waiting List.  However, there are usually some vacancies created throughout the season so if residents wish to register their interest, please contact the Clerk.

Allotment Rents and Rules

Rents and Rules have been reviewed for 2019. The Council recently approved a small rise of £1 in allotment fees for 2019 - a half plot will now cost £20 pa, and we trust tenants will still feel this represents good value for a year's tenancy.

Rent renewal notices will be sent out in early December - the Council would encourage payment by BACS, if possible, as this helps to keep admin charges to a minimum. 

Any tenants who wish to give up a plot are asked to notify the Council office as soon as possible so vacant plots can be reallocated without delay.

We trust all tenants have had a good season and managed to cope with the extremes of weather this year.


Minutes from the most recent Burials and Allotments Committee meeting are available to view below:

Click on the attachment below to view the Terms of Reference for the Burials & Allotments Committee:

Terms of Reference B&A-Terms-of-Reference-adopted-3june2015-updated-20jul2017.pdf 182.7 KB