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Bourton Update

By Parish Clerk Bourton-on-the-Water Parish Council

Friday, 3 April 2020


Bourton-on-the-Water Parish Council Contributor


Parish Council Meetings

We have just been informed that our monthly Parish Council meetings can be held remotely and we will use Zoom to do this. If you would like to join a meeting please email to be sent an invitation code. Meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month, as usual. Please check the Parish Council website on the Friday before the meeting to view the agenda.


The office at the GMCC is now closed but the good news is that Vanessa and Jo can access everything remotely including emails. Telephone messages and post will picked up during each week. Email

Bourton Street Volunteers

In just two weeks the whole of Bourton's postcodes are being covered by 120+ volunteers which is a tremendous example of the community coming together when needed. The Council has fully supported the group and our thanks go out to Amanda Davis and Lynda Hicks for their roles in organising this. If you haven’t received a card or have mislaid it with your volunteer contact details please email

Village Closed Signs

In order to deter any visitors to the village the Council have today put up Village Closed and Car Parks Closed at every entrance to the village. Strange times but important for our welfare.

Holiday Cottages and Airbnb

If you see a rental property being occupied you can inform the police by calling 101 or emailing

Help and Advice

If you need any other help or advice the Council has a wealth of contacts please email


Cllr Bob Hadley

Chairman, Bourton on the Water Parish Council

Contact Information

Parish Clerk

Find Bourton-on-the-Water Parish Council

The George Moore Community Centre, Moore Road, Bourton-On-The-Water, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 2AZ


Additional Information

Please use this email form to contact any of the Parish Councillors.