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Day 17

Answer to Day 16

1. The Eiffel Tower

2. Louis the Fourteenth

3. Alan Shepard - 5 May 1961

4. Eighteen

5. Elisha Otis

6. St. Moritz

7. Kent

8. Edward the Fourth

9. A Fipple

10. July (15th)

11. Umbrella

12. 1777

Todays Quiz Below


1. The headquarters of Greenpeace is in which European city?

2. Which famous artist and inventor died at Amboise Castle in France, 1519?

3. In what year did Mother Teresa of Calcutta win the Nobel Peace Prize?

4. Which was the first European country to give all women the vote?

5. What type of creature is a Garibaldi?

6. What colour is the gemstone garnet?

7. Which sign of the Zodiac are people born on 30th October?

8. What type of weapon is a 'falchion'?

9. Which pub in Nottingham claims to be the oldest in Britain?

10. By what name was world champion boxer Walker Smith better known?

11. Mount Elbert is the highest peak in which mountain range?

12. Edward II was murdered in Berkeley Castle in 1327, in which county is Berkeley Castle?

Answers Tomorrow