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Day 19

Answers to Day 18

1. The Kentucky Derby

2. Cheese

3. Fred Basset

4. A Murder (of Crows)

5. Edward Jenner (1796)

6. The Map of the London Underground

7. K

8. Timmy

9. Rick Wakeman

10. Overlord

11. The Armpit

12. Felicity Huffman

Todays Quiz Below


1. How many finger holes does a tin whistle (pennywhistle) have?

2. What famous London building is officially called 1 Canada Square?

3. Which tennis player was stabbed by a Steffi Graf fan while playing in Hamburg 1993?

4. What was the nuclear power station Sellafield previously known as?

5. Swansea is situated on which river?

6. In the Bible's New Testament what was the last battle between good and evil before the day of judgement?

7. To what note is the top string on a six-string guitar normally tuned?

8. What trophy is played for at the US Superbowl?

9. In what year did Margaret Thatcher become Prime Minister?

10. What film was the first sequel to win a Best Picture Oscar?

11. Who shot Martin Luther King in 1968?

12. Who was Britain's first Christian martyr (an English town is named after him)?

Answers Tomorrow