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Day 20

Answers to Day 19

1. Six

2. Canary Wharf Tower

3. Monica Seles

4. Windscale

5. The Tawe

6. Armageddon

7. E

8. The Lombardi Trophy

9. 1979

10. The Godfather Part II

11. James Earl Ray

12. St. Alban

Todays Quiz Below


1. Which country has the largest malt whisky distillery in the world?

2. What was Hiram Hackenbacker's nickname in Thunderbirds?

3. What is the person called who leads prayers in a mosque?

4. What is a 'half-hunter'?

5. Which British organisation was founded by Octavia Hill in 1895?

6. What number did motorcycle racer Barry Sheen have on his bike?

7. How tall is the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

8. What was the name of the Spanish conquistador who conquered Mexico in 1519?

9. What is the capital of Liberia?

10. When is St Andrew's Day?

11. What type of game is Faro?

12. Which team was the first to score a 'Golden Goal' in the football World Cup Finals?

Answers Tomorrow