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Day 22

Answers to Day 22

1. Henry VII (1485-1509)

2. Lilac

3. Sapper

4. 1975

5. Juliet

6. Sixpence

7. Red

8. Thirty-Three

9. Khartoum

10. Tracey Emin

11. A Duck

12. 25th January

Todays Quiz Below


1. Which member of England's 2003 Rugby World Cup winning team has an uncle in the 1966 England Soccer World Cup winning team?

2. Which sixteenth century German astronomer was reputed to have sold his soul to the devil?

3. In which English castle did King John die in 1216?

4. What is the second book of the Bible's Old Testament?

5. What note appears twice in the conventional tuning of a six string guitar?

6. Who in Greek mythology fell in love with his own reflection?

7. Which rock band released an album Beggars Banquet?

8. What are musophobics afraid of?

9. What is the name of the photographer famous for taking pictures of crowds of naked people?

10. What is the largest artery in the human body?

11. How many strings does a ukelele have?

12. Who was the 'teacher' in TV's Rock School?

Answers Tomorrow