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Day 23

Answers to Day 22

1. Ben Cohen (Uncle is George Cohen)

2. Johann Faust

3. Newark

4. Exodus

5. E (top and bottom strings are E, two octaves apart)

6. Narcissus

7. The Rolling Stones

8. Mice

9. Spencer Tunick

10. Aorta

11. Four

12. Gene Simmons

Todays Quiz Below


1. What does BAFTA stand for?

2. Which author died at Astapova railway station in 1910?

3. Which world-champion sporting duo was coached by Betty Calloway?

4. What does a copoclephilist collect?

5. Mount Vinson Massif is the highest peak in which continent?

6. Who was appointed the first woman cabinet minister in the UK?

7. Alicante, Golden Boy and Piranto are types of what?

8. Who wrote the novel Bonfire of the Vanities?

9. In which year was the first Miss World contest held?

10. Who was Sherlock Holmes' housekeeper?

11. How many square yards are in a British acre?

12. What is the white of an egg called?

Answers Tomorrow