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Day 24

Answers to Day 23

1. British Academy of Film and Television Arts

2. Leo Tolstoy

3. Torville and Dean

4. Keyrings

5. Antartica

6. Margaret Bondfield (Minister of Labour, 1929)

7. Tomato

8. Tom Wolfe

9. 1951

10. Mrs. Hudson

11. 4840

12. Albumen

Todays Quiz Below


1. Who played Professor Marcus in the 1955 film, The Ladykillers?

2. In which year was TV's Channel 4 launched?

3. What are kept in an apiary?

4. What poisonous chemical element has the atomic number 33?

5. Which country has the longest coastline?

6. What is the fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet?

7. What fish family is the anchovy a member of?

8. Who was the first person to cross the English Channel in a plane?

9. How many gun-firings salute the Queen's Birthday at the Tower of London?

10. What nationality was the artist Edvard Munch?

11. Munich is on which river?

12. Which fashion designer introduced the Polo label in 1967?

Answers Tomorrow