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Day 26

Answers to Day 25

1. Oberammergau

2. Leprosy

3. Because the players were not permitted to play in bare feet.

4. Geese

5. 1986

6. Ikebana

7. (Sir Edwin Henry) Landseer

8. Yentl

9. Light Emitting Diode

10. Roald Amundsen (1911)

11. Triangular

12. Foxxy Cleopatra

Todays Quiz Below


1. What is the name of the publishers run by women for women?

2. Who was the first person to have a blue plaque conferred on the house where he was born in Holly Street, Westminster, London?

3. What US gangster's original name was Lester Gillis?

4. What is the world's largest sea, (excluding seas normally called oceans)?

5. What year did TV Soap Eastenders begin?

6. What is the first sign of the Zodiac?

7. Who is the Greek Goddess of Victory?

8. Who wrote the book Brave New World?

9. Which musician received the first gold disc, in 1941?

10. Which country had the first Women's Institute, in 1897?

11. On which part of the body would you wear a deer-stalker?

12. Which King was the target of the Rye House Plot?

Answers Tomorrow