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Day 30

Answers to Day 29

1. Ludlow

2. Sir Humphrey Davy

3. Brazil

4. Fargo

5. Moliere

6. Yard of Ale

7. One Million

8. The Lake District

9. 186,000

10. James Whistler

11. Trains

12. Harvey Keitel

Todays Quiz Below

Todays Quiz

1. How long is Johnny Walker Black Label whisky matured for?

2. Which famous fashion designer was originally associated with the perfumes Opium and Rive Gauche?

3. Who wrote the opera 'The Barber of Seville?

4. What is the capital of Finland?

5. Who was the last Aztec Emperor?

6. Which US organisation's headquarters is situated in Langley, Virginia?

7. Who was the first chancellor of the late-20th century re-united Germany?

8. Madarosis is the absence or loss of which part of the body?

9. Who played Candice Stowe in TV's Coronation Street?

10. In which sport would a niblick be used?

11. The Capets were the rules of which European country?

12. Who was the first woman editor of the Radio Times?

Answers Tomorrow