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Day 32

Answers to Day 31

Column 1

1. A Paragon

2. Royal Institute British Architects

3. A place

4. Thirty-nine

5. 1431

6. Three (1989/90/96)

7. Hugh Hefner

8. Paul Cezanne

9. The American Civil War (1864)

10. Val Kilmer

11. Canada (Labrador)

12. Oysters

Todays Quiz Below


1. What traditionally symbolises a couple's sixth wedding anniversary?

2. Which English Cathedral houses the Sleeping Children statue?

3. What make and model of car was John F Kennedy in when assassinated in 1963?

4. What is the name in John Travolta's character in Saturday Night Fever?

5. What does a phillumenist collect?

6. The Madhouse is a work by which artist?

7. What planet is nearest to the Sun?

8. Who was the first Roman Emperor?

9. In which year was the first FIFA World Cup held?

10. What is Canada's highest mountain?

11. Which vegetable is also known as an egg plant?

12. in Greek mythology who persuaded her brother to kill their mother in revenge for the murder of their father?

Answers Tomorrow