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Day 33

Answers to Day 32

1. Sugar

2. Lichfield

3. Lincoln Continental

4. Tony Manero

5. Matchbox labels

6. Goya

7. Mercury

8. Augustus Caesar

9. 1930 (in Uruguay - Uruguay beat Argentina 4-2)

10. Mount Logan

11. Aubergine

12. Electra

Todays Quiz Below


1. What is a tree or shrub called that sheds its leaves annually?

2. How many players are in a basketball team?

3. In the natural world what is a Camberwell Beauty?

4. What does a hagiographer write about?

5. In which month is United Nations Day?

6. In which English town was the TV drama Middlemarch made?

7. An Eskimo roll would be seen in which sport?

8. By which nickname was Edward Teach known?

9. Which is the largest Canary Island?

10. Which Sunday newspaper was founded by John Browne Bell in 1843?

11. What is the male part of a flower called?

12. How many teeth does an elephant have?

Answers Tomorrow