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Day 35

Answers to Day 34

1. Renee and Renato

2. Leaves

3. The fox

4. Germany

5. Jeff Banks

6. Rum

7. Ira Levin

8. Norwich (1608)

9. Signalling (Morse code)

10. Turkey

11. The Vistula

12. D

Todays Quiz Below


1. Apart from London which three other cities in Britain have an underground railway system?

2. Which international rugby player appeared in the January 2006 Matalan fashion brochure?

3. The Queensberry Rules are standard rules of which sport?

4. From which of Shakespeare's plays does the term 'salad days' originate?

5. Which perfume house launched the 'Joy' perfume in 1930?

6. In heraldry what colour is sable?

7. What type of fruit is a canteloupe?

8. Which English artist was president of the Royal Academy in 1768?

9. Who played the Riddler in the 1995 film Batman Forever?

10. What is the fifth sign of the Zodiac?

11. Who invented the steam engine?

12. Which artist painted The Watering Place?

Answers Tomorrow