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Day 36

Answers to Day 35

1. Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle

2. Gavin Henson

3. Boxing

4. Anthony and Cleopatra

5. Patou (founded by designer Jean Patou)

6. Black

7. Melon

8. Sir Joshua Reynolds

9. Jim Carey

10. Leo

11. Thomas Newcomen (1712)

12. Thomas Gainsborough

Todays Quiz Below


1. Which explorer gave Natal its name on Christmas Day 1497?

2. An orchidectomy is the surgical removal of what?

3. What is the name of a word which reads the same backwards as forwards?

4. What does an ocularist make?

5. An ennead is a group or set of how many?

6. What do the US Marine Corps, the city of Exeter and Plymouth Argyle FC have in common?

7. In which castle was Charles I imprisoned from 1647-48?

8. What chemical element has the symbol Fe?

9. What is a Maori ceremonial war-dance called?

10. What salad is named after the Mexican Restaurateur who invented it?

11. Who became US president after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated?

12. Which city hosted the 1992 Summer Olympic games?

Answers Tomorrow