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Day 39

Answers to Day 38

1. Ernest Hemingway

2. San Francisco

3. Winston Churchill

4. The Metroplitan Line (Paddington to Farringdon, 1863)

5. The Sargasso Sea

6. Rial (= 100 Dinars)

7. Neptune

8. Hydrogen

9. Glenn Close

10. Words

11. France

12. Oche (pronounced 'ocky')

Todays Quiz Below


1. Who was the first leader of Polish trade union Solidarity?

2. Martial art Jeet Kune was devised by which US actor?

3. Which pope commissioned Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

4. Neroli is an essential oil distilled from the flowers of which fruit?

5. Who wrote the novel, Treasure Island?

6. In which country was ex-England cricket captain Tony Greig born?

7. What was Tom Jones' first UK number one single?

8. Which South American country lost its coastline to Chile in 1879?

9. What flavour is the liqueur cassis?

10. What product was the first to appear in a UK TV commercial (in 1955)?

11. Which artist is famous for painting a portrait of his mother?

12. Which singer was known as the 'Forces' Sweetheart'?

Answers Tomorrow