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Day 41

Answers to Day 40

1. Butterflies (and moths)

2. A classic car (a French 'Darracq' built in Paris in 1904)

3. St Pauls

4. Coffee

5. Bellamy

6. Barbary Ape (or properly, the Barbary Macaque, it's a monkey not a true ape)

7. Windpipe

8. Heights

9. Insects

10. A quant

11. Kent

12. Blue

Todays Quiz Below


1. When is St Patrick's Day celebrated?

2. What is a village without a church called?

3. Which male singing voice is between tenor and bass?

4. In German mythology what is the name of the siren who lived on a rock and lured boatmen to their deaths?

5. In what year were dog licences abolished in England?

6. What type of leaves does a silkworm feed on?

7. Which UK newspaper had the first colour supplement?

8. What type of creature is a mouthbrooder?

9. What colour is the Misterman Mr Worry?

10. Which group had three consecutive UK Christmas number ones in 1996, 97 and 98?

11. In which sport do Great Britain and the USA compete for the Westchester Cup?

12. In which war was the Battle of Bosworth Field?

Answers Tomorrow