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Day 42

Answers to Day 41

1. 17th March

2. Hamlet

3. Baritone

4. Lorelei

5. 1987

6. Mulberry

7. Sunday Times (4th Feb 1962)

8. Fish

9. Blue

10. Spice Girls

11. Polo

12. Wars of the Roses (August 1485 - "A horse, a horse,... etc")

Todays Quiz Below


1. Who wrote the opera Cosi fan Tutte?

2. Who is generally credited with having invented the telephone?

3. What is the US state capital of Arizona?

4. In which century was the first recorded Viking raid on England?

5. Olfactory relates to which of the senses?

6. Rome is on which river?

7. What was the name of the bottled water launched by Coca-Cola and then withdrawn?

8. Which side of a coin is obverse, heads or tails?

9. What word commonly represents the letter K in radio communications?

10. Who was the first Plantagenet King of England?

11. In the TV series Run For Glory which two former Olympic athletes train a group of novice runners?

12. Which mountain was known as Peak XV until 1865?

Answers Below

Answers to Today Quiz

1. Mozart (1790)

2. Alexander Graham Bell (1876 - in fact the full background to the invention of the telephone is quite complex. Antonio Meucci filed a patent caveat in December 1874, which described voice communication by wire. He renewed the caveat for two years, but then let it lapse in 1874 due to lack of funds. On February 14, 1876, Elisha Gray filed a patent caveat for transmitting human voice through a telegraph circuit - essentially a telephone. Alexander Graham Bell apparently saw the patent before it was processed and submitted his own the same day. )

3. Phoenix

4. 8th century (793 AD)

5. Smell

6.  The Tiber

7. Dasani

8. Heads

9. Kilo

10. Henry the Second (1154-89)

11.  Steve Cram and Sally Gunnell

12. Mount Everest

Hope you have enjoyed these past few weeks. The quizmaster has decided to take a break as they are now quizzed out......... If the current lockdown continues for an extended period, which seems likely, we will back with another host of questions a little later.