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Day 5

Answers to Day 4

1. Kazakhstan

2. Cheers

3. Richard Nixon

4. Great Expectations

5. Colour Blindness

6. Gin

7. Afghanistan

8. Matt Lucas

9. Pope - He was Pope Adrian IV between 1154 and 1159

10. Margate

11. Blood and Phlegm - The humours were believed to influence mood and personality

12. Rum

Day 5 Quiz Below


1. Who invented the jet engine in 1930?

2. Which two countries are connected by the Simplon Pass?

3. What is the US state capital of Mississippi?

4. What is Earth's atmospheric region of charged particles connecting the stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere?

5. Which artist said, "When we love a woman we don't start measuring her limbs" ?

6. What was Manfred von Richtofen's nickname?

7. What does a vexillogist study?

8. Which is the largest of the Channel Islands?

9. Who wrote 'Far From The Madding Crowd'?

10.Who plays Grace in the US sitcom 'Will and Grace'?

11. At which golf course does the US Masters take place?

12. What does NATO stand for?

Answers Tomorrow