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Day 6

Answers to Day 5

1. Frank Whittle

2. Switzerland and Italy

3. Jackson

4. Ionosphere

5. Pablo Picasso

6. The Red Baron

7. Flags

8. Jersey

9. Thomas Hardy

10. Debra Messing

11. Augusta, Georgia

12. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Day 6 Quiz Below


1. Which is the largest Castle in England?

2. In the Western world commonly in which month of the year is All Saints' Day?

3. In which English cathedral is the Bell Harry Tower?

4. In which country was exiled Russian leader Leon Trotsky killed in 1940?

5. Who played Simon Templar in the 1997 film 'The Saint'?

6. Which European country had the Roman name Helvetia?

7. Which fashion items does Jimmy Choo design?

8. What is a blini?

9. If a dish is 'a la crecy' with what is it garnished?

10. Which country has the international car registration ET?

11. What is the currency of Albania?

12. Which 1950's singer was originally named Charles Hardin?

Answers Tomorrow