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Day 7

Answers to Day 6

1. Windsor Castle

2. November 1st

3. Canterbury

4. Mexico

5. Val Kilmer

6. Switzerland

7. Shoes

8. A Pancake

9. Carrots

10. Egypt

11. The Lek

12. Buddy Holly

Day 7 Quiz Below


1. Which London station was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott?

2. Which bird was named after engraver Sir Thomas Bewick?

3. What is the number 3.142 more usually known as?

4. Who scored England's first goal in the 1998 World Cup Final tournament?

5. Which is the largest of the Great Lakes?

6. Which British prime minister had a bag named after him?

7. Majestic, Romano and Arran Victory are types of which vegetable?

8. A firkin of beer holds how many gallons?

9. What is the title of the film about a Scottish village that awakens once every 100 years?

10. In which year did Roger Bannister break the four-minute mile?

11. In 1960 Dr Thomas Creighton was the first person to receive what punishment?

12. In which country was actor Mel Gibson born?

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