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Bovey Tracey Bowling Club

Match Reports

November 2017

We have had 5 games during October with reasonable results. We provided 2 teams to play 2 invitation matches at the Derwent Hotel in Torquay with a win and a loss. The first game against Bristol Greenbank Bovey lost by 47 shots to 60. Derek Saunders won 15-14 after being 7-14 down at 12 ends only to get 8 shots over the last 3 ends. Colin Wright lost 11-21, going down 11 shots over the last 5 ends. Steve Callard lost 12-16 despite getting 7 shots to 3 on the last 4ends. Derek Honeywill ended with a 9 all tie. Over all they were just a bit too good for Bovey.

The second game was against Stithian Bowling club from Cornwall resulting in a good win for Bovey. Colin Wright won 12-10 after being 9 shots to 4 up after 9 ends. Steve Callard had a convincing win by 14 shots to 5 allowing the opposition only 1 shot over the last 10 ends. Derek Honeywill won 15-13 after a very close game. Ray Parker lost 12-16 after being 4-13 down at 11 ends.

2 matches were played against Torbay I.D.B.C. with very different results. The first game Bovey lost 48-66 whilst the result was reversed in the second by 82-67. In the first game Martin Redfern lost 10-18, only scoring on 6 ends. Sylvia Saunders lost 12-18 after playing well to be only 10-11 down at 13 ends. Derek Humphries lost 12-16after being only 1 shot down after 13 ends. Derek Honeywill tied on 14-14 finishing with a flurry of 7 shots over the last 4 ends going from 7-14 down after 15 ends to 14 -14.

The second game against Torbay Bovey won 82-67. Derek Saunders lost 19-26 after being 16-16 at 15 ends only to go down 10 shots over the final 4 ends. Sylvia Saunders lost 15-17, a good result after being 9-17 down after 14 ends. Colin Wright put in a much-improved performance winning by 24 shots to 8 after being 15-1 at 10 ends and never letting the opposition into the game. Ray Parker won 24-16 after reaching the 13th end at 19-1 up and then sharing the last 6 ends at 5 shots each.

The other match of the month was against Dawlish I.D.B.C. which Bovey won 57-51, thanks mainly to a convincing win by Ted Ridgewell of 27-8. Martin Redfern lost 17-21 after holding the opposition to 10-11 after 15 ends only to go down 9 shots over the last 5 ends. Colin Wright lost 13-22 scoring only 3 shots over the last 10 ends to the oppositions 14 shots. Ted Ridgewell won 27-8 only allowing the opposition to score 3 shots over the last 14 ends.

As we have only 2 games in December, I will hold the results until the end of January.

Colin Wright