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Brindley & Faddiley Parish Council


Geographic Background

The Parish of Brindley and Faddiley is situated in South Cheshire. It is divided East/West by the A534 and is further dissected by country lanes. The land is reasonably level, falling gradually from West to East.

Historical background

The Parish is almost entirely agricultural, with farms originating from the Tallemache Estate, though most of these are now in private ownership.

There was a development of eight houses adjacent to the A534 in the early part of the 20th century, followed by the development of Windsor Drive with a dozen or so Council houses in the 1950’s. Since then a few Council bungalows have been built at the far end of Windsor Drive, in the late 70’s. A development of four family sized houses on Kidderton Close in the early 80’s.

At around a similar time the Village Primary School closed, and was converted into three residencies.

Similarly the local Chapel was closed and has been converted into a dwelling.

Traditionally there was a shop in the village but this closed and is now a private house. There was also a garage and fuel station with a Post Office facility but this again disappeared to become two houses.

The local pub called the Thatch; formally the Tallemache Arms has gone through various stages of prosperity but is currently very vibrant and is enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

The Goodwill Hall was built in the early 1960s as a local community centre. It was built under the dedicated guidance of Mr Jack Goodwin with much help from many local people a credible achievement. It is ran and maintained again by a local team of hard working and dedicated people.

Other development in the last thirty years or so has been by way of extensions and updates to the many small cottages in the area although this has largely been exhausted.

The centre of the village is Brindley Lea (The Common) which is maintained and kept tidy as a central and attractive part of the village.

Employment in the village is mainly agricultural but many residents travel to employment in other areas.