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Broseley Town Council

Broseley Millennium Map

Nationwide there were many needlework / craft /art projects to create parish maps and other memorials to celebrate the Millennium (year 2000).

Read on to find out how members of the Broseley Community came together to create this wonderful piece of tapestry. 

A group of artists and needlewomen  came together in Broseley in 1993 to design and make a parish map. Our aim was to celebrate our much-loved town, its inhabitants and history. The group raised funds to support their work with their own contributions, a car boot sale and a grant from the Shropshire Millennium Project.

We decided the scope of the map after some time and several iterations of the overall design. Group members, with skills in various fields e.g. art, embroidery, quilting used these in elements of the map and shared their expertise with each other.

The Group also benefited from workshops to learn the basics of stump work, tie dying and of making  images on fabric.

By 1997 the map was taking shape with a number of key buildings sewn in place and some details e.g. figures added. Work continued slowly and steadily over the next few years. We missed the Millennium and finally completed the map in 2001.

The map includes cross stitch, applique, free style embroidery, stump work on a pieced and quilted back ground. Until recently, it was on display in Broseley Library alongside three wall hangings created for the millennium by pupils at Barrow, Broseley C of E and John Wilkinson schools.