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North Northamptonshire Council Draft Budget 2021-22 Consultation

By Clerk to Broughton Parish Council Broughton Parish Council

Monday, 14 December 2020


Broughton Parish Council Contributor


The first ever draft revenue budget for North Northamptonshire Council was approved for consultation by the shadow executive on 7th December 2020 and now we’re seeking views on the proposals for when the council comes into existence in April next year.

The total draft revenue budget for 2021/2022 is £284.8 million with the new authority providing all local government services in the north of the county including looking after the vulnerable, being responsible for housing and economic regeneration, leisure and tourism and waste disposal and collection.

Further integration of adult social care and health services is also key to the future, working towards a new way of delivering important services. This makes sense as not only is there a financial efficiency but also it is much less complicated for those of you out there who want to access the services.

While the wider local government transformation programme is on target to deliver over £80m of savings annually across all eight councils in North and West Northamptonshire, like for many councils, the Covid-19 pandemic has created pressure no one could have foreseen on finances for the coming year.

This includes higher demands on services or for help and the delay in delivering savings and the transformation of services as well as a loss of income and reduced Council Tax and Business Rates collection. While the situation is constantly changing, this has created a funding gap which currently stands at £18 million.

It is also proposed that Council Tax is increased by 4.99%, comprising 1.99% core tax and a 3% adult social care precept, which is the maximum amount permitted.

This would contribute around £8m per annum and would represent a Band D level of Council Tax of £1,532.90 in 2021/22, or the equivalent of £29.48 per week, bringing the financial gap down to £10m.

Once the consultation period closes on 29th January 2021 we will analyse the results and then final budget proposals will be developed before going back before the shadow executive in February.

Your feedback on this consultation is really important to us, and all consultation feedback will be analysed and considered, and will help Councillors make a final decision on the budget at the North Shadow Authority meeting on 25th February 2021. This meeting is held in public and anyone wishing to speak at the meeting must contact by 5pm on Monday 22nd February 2021.

A lot of budget savings proposals relate to decisions that have already been made in previous budgets, the continuation of projects and financial adjustments to budgets with no service impact.

This questionnaire focusses on the new proposals for draft budget 2021-22 that will likely effect residents and service users. However, you can comment on anything within the Draft Budget in the comment boxes.

Have your say

The following sections gives detail of the proposed budget savings including council tax harmonisation, fees and charges, and the draft Capital Strategy.

Your feedback will be part of a report with many other people’s feedback, so you will not be personally identified.

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The deadline for completing this questionnaire is midnight 29th January 2021.

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