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Statement from Kettering Borough Council 18th May 2020

By Clerk to Broughton Parish Council Broughton Parish Council

Friday, 22 May 2020


Broughton Parish Council Contributor


Old Willows Site, Broughton

Substantial further activity has been noted by many residents and ourselves, BPC

Written reports/photographs have been submitted to KBC for investigation on major field hedge and tree removal and pushing of boundary. Email correspondence is lodged with BPC clerk.

Representation has also been made with NCC Highways/Legal Dept with regard to Highways safety/legal responsibility & liability as there is now a sheer drop with no barrier from the A43 footpath through to the travellers site. Full extent of ownership of land is queried with NCC.

KBC issued a statement dated 28.04.20. Statement 2 has been now released. These statements are KBC’s own & do not necessarily reflect views of BPC.

KBC have advised that they are in receipt of a planning application which is waiting validation. BPC will comment on the application once it is received.

Kettering Borough Council - Broughton – Statement 2 (18th May 2020)

Co-ordinating Future Communications
In order to provide a central point of contact for further information and
enquiries being sent to the Council in respect of this particular matter,
the email address is In the future could
you please use this email address for all information & enquiries regarding this
unauthorised development.

As indicated in the previous statement on-going enforcement investigations are
confidential; and the Council must follow its enforcement strategy as well as
national planning guidance to ensure that the Council’s planning enforcement
process is carried out in a consistent, balanced and proportionate manner.
Various emails have raised the issue as to whether Kettering Borough Council
has been undertaking any enforcement action. Enforcement action
encompasses a range of different activities including the use of Stop and
Enforcement Notices if appropriate. Enforcement investigations are being
carried out on the complaints that have been raised regarding the excavation
and levelling works and the deposit of hardcore to the south of the Old Willows
site and the levelling, hardcore and fencing of an area at the entrance to the A43
Gypsy &Traveller site.
The former complaint has an enforcement notice issued by the Highways
Authority under the Highways Act which is separate from planning enforcement
and these investigations are continuing. A planning application has now been
submitted for an extension to the traveller site in this area & the Council is in
the process of validating the application. The Council now has a duty to validate
& determine this in accordance with the Development Plan and material
As part of the assessment process the Council will determine whether the
proposals are appropriate in this location and whether any enforcement notice,
in addition, is necessary at this time. The Council should not predetermine the
outcome of the application, should it be refused the applicant will still have the
right of appeal to the Secretary of State. As there is a process in place to
determine this issue the Council has to weigh up whether any formal
enforcement action would be justified in the circumstances.
In terms of the latter complaint enforcement investigations are on-going
regarding this matter & the Council is unable to comment further at the
present time.

Planning Application
Once the planning application for this development has been validated (this
should be within the next week) the Council will provide further information
regarding its details & how this can be accessed. Communication regarding
the consultation process & representations going forward will be made.

The Council will continue to actively assess the need for enforcement action
regarding potential breaches of planning regulations across this site & take
appropriate action. We also commit to continuing the email communication
updates as & when the situation changes or develops & we are in a position
to advise.

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