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Statement from Kettering Borough Council

By Clerk to Broughton Parish Council Broughton Parish Council

Tuesday, 28 April 2020


Broughton Parish Council Contributor


Kettering Borough Council

Broughton – Statement 1 (28th April 2020)

We have recently been made aware of works taking place at the A43 Traveller site. Officers visited the site on 22nd April 2020 and are currently considering what is the most effective action to take at this point. Legal advice is being taken as appropriate.

We are also in dialogue with other organisations, such as the Local Highways Authority, about the site to ensure there is a co-ordinated approach to any action an authority takes.

To date the County Council has served two enforcement notices under the Highways Act and are considering what remedial action will be necessary.

Information regarding the powers available to the Council for managing unauthorised traveller sites is outlined on our website at the following link

The Council will take action using the powers that it has at its disposal as the Local Planning Authority based on legal advice received and in accordance with the Council’s adopted Planning Enforcement Policy. Previous reports regarding the current activities at the site had been investigated and at that point no planning breach could be established. A link to the Council’s Planning Enforcement Policy is provided here

Details of ongoing enforcement investigations are confidential; the Council must ensure that any future enforcement action taken is not prejudiced. We appreciate that this means enforcement work being undertaken may not always be particularly visible to the residents, but we wish to reassure everyone that this is taking place.

Matters Concerning Other Agencies

Where issues are brought to the attention of the Council which are not within its responsibilities or powers to respond we will contact those relevant bodies, relaying information and liaise with them.

We commit to continuing the email communication updates as and when the situation changes or develops.

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