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Frimley Park Hospital

During the past few years and in response to our previous information events, a bus to Frimley Park Hospital has undoubtedly been the most requested service from the local community. 

Unfortunately, since 2014 the current situation hasn't seen any improvement, despite BIF passing this requirement on to Stagecoach and HCC on many occasions. However, it's not over yet, we are not giving up on this matter. 

The politics of transport is dominated by money. If there are not enough paying passengers then a commercial bus company is not compelled to run a service, unless the local authority are prepared to pay a subsidy to bridge the financial gap. Failing that, there is always the community transport option, but that too needs financial support. 

Unfortunately, in the case of a bus to Frimley Park Hospital none of these options are currently available, unless we start to think outside the box. If our community really needs a regular service to the hospital then our community really need to work together and support plans to explore another viable option. 


What will it take

The volunteers from Buses in Fleet (BIF) are planning to explore the viability of a new bus service by encouraging feedback from the community and present this as evidence to local bus companies to determine whether a new service would be 'commercially viable'. 

Unfortunately as visits to hospital are usually made on an ad-hoc basis, these passenger figures alone are unlikely to convince bus companies to take on the commercial risk.

For instance, if a bus service solely relied on individual 'once a month' hospital visits, then more than 4,000 users would be need to be found every month. Therefore, as these numbers are very high and would prove difficult to achieve, we also need the support from many other regular commuters. 

We believe that if a proposed new bus service was also supported by regular commuters, such as those travelling to and from Fleet Station, employees who work at the Hospital and at other employment sites along the way and passengers who need to reach parts of Farnborough, then only around 320 regular commuters would need to be found. 


Help us to create the evidence

Therefore, to give our efforts to justify a new bus service a fighting chance, we also need the feedback from regular commuters who are prepared to use a bus service between Fleet and Frimley Park Hospital each day.

Once a sufficient number of responses are received, we can then present the evidence to local bus companies as proof that a new bus service could be commercially viable, a service that would benefit both hospital visitors and commuters alike. It would then be up to a decision of our local bus companies to determine whether to introduce the new service.

A service that also extended to Church Crookham could become a possibility, depending on the response received from the community.

If you are willing to support our investigation to explore the viability of a bus service between Fleet and Frimley Park Hospital, please send us - Buses in Fleet, your individual travel plan details, as it will help to provide the evidence we need. We will keep the community updated about the ongoing progress of the investigation through our website and Facebook page.


Thank You,

Buses in Fleet