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CFM Team "INVICTA" Showreel

Invicta hauled its first train from Whitstable to Canterbury on 30 May 1830. This was also the first steam-powered passenger railway service in the world.

The people of Kent and the towns of Canterbury and Whitstable are justly proud of Invicta’s legacy in technological innovation and public transport.

Since retirement Invicta has traveled widely and been on display in numerous locations, even abroad. Mostly though, Invicta has been on static display in and around Canterbury. Having been on open air display, in the late 1970’s the engine was restored for interior display by the National Railway Museum in York, returning to Canterbury in 1980 on the 150th anniversary of its first runs.

On this occasion the “Canterbury Cine Club”, (as CFM was then known), produced “Invicta 150” a 30 minute film documenting the week long celebrations in Canterbury. An abridged version of this film, focusing on Invicta itself was made in 2016 and has been on this website for some time.

So it seems only proper to make our original full length “Invicta 150” film available here. The Club have split it into three shorter sections at natural breaks in the original. It makes a fascinating insight into community spirit and pride.

On the weekend of the 15th & 16th June 2019 Invicta was moved to an improved gallery in Whitstable Museum. With the help of the Museum Canterbury Film Makers club were of course, on hand both days, to record this latest event in Invicta's story. The Club recorded a great deal of video and the Museum and others have offered to share their footage with us. The task now, is to assemble all this and make a worthy film to document this new phase in Invicta's long history.


Invicta Videos

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Invicta 150

The short version of the film made by Canterbury Cine Society in 1980

Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Canterbury to Whitstable Railway.

The long version is below in three parts

Invicta 150 Long version Part 1 of 3

13 Mins

Invicta 150 Long version Part 2 of 3

12 Mins.

Invicta 150 Long version Part 3 of 3

12.5 Mins.