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Latest Showreel

We have put some of the eighty six films in our archive on the Showreels.

Here are some examples of resent films,  Enjoy!

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Made by individual member

Tastes Like Chicken 

2019 - 12 mins (30secs of black at lead in)


Made by individual member


5 mins

(CFM Team)

Winner of the “Vic Currie Comedy Plate” for Best Comedy, at the "Kent Film Festival" 2019 .


fun with stop motion

2019 - 17 secs



2019 - 1min


I Feel Pretty

Puppets / Animation - 2018 - 1min 30secs


House Fear 

Illustrated Poem (2019 - 1min)


Colour Dance - (2019 - 1min)

Experimental Animation (2019 - 1min)


FiFi’s Boutique

Animated Comedy – 2018 - 6mins.

Ted 'tastic

(CFM Team)


Comedy  (2019 - 2min)


The Ghost That Haunted Itself

Lighthearted Spook - 2018 - 7mins

Justifiably, winner of the “Maiden” trophy for best newcomer at Kent Film Festival


Vegetable Medley

Animated Comedy 2012 - 2mins