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Meeting Notes

2018 August / September / October / November 

2019  January / February / March / April / May / June  / July

10th August 2018 Meeting

Possible New Venue

For some time we have been thinking of moving to a new venue in Canterbury which will improve access to meetings by public transport.

We now have a good front runner in mind and will confirm soon.

It is hoped the meetings in the new location will start in the new year.

Tynemouth Video Makers

Tynemouth Video Makers have invited CFM to exchange a showreel of Club Films with them. Members agreed that this was a good way to share ideas and techniques.

Possible Club Documentary Film

The plans to relocate Robert Stephenson's Invicta from Canterbury Museum to the Museum at Whitstable. Prompted the thought this might make an interesting topic for a Club film, given that the Club had previously made a film about the 150th anniversary of Invicta and its return to Canterbury after restoration at York in 1980.

Club has copies of the three films about Invicta and the Crab & Winkle Line made by the Harbour Heights film company, these will be shown at the September meeting.

The three films are:

  • C&W 1 - The Canterbury & Whitstable Railway - built and pioneered by steam powered visionaries
  • C&W 2 - The Crab & Winkle Line and Then & Now
  • C&W 3 - Celebrating the Canterbury & Whitstable Railway

Member's Films

The following films were enjoyed by those present:

  • Orange Moon - a one minute (and 1 second!) film by Robin; (showing time laps and digital zoom).
  • The Ghost That Haunted Itself - New member Bernie's first film; (An accomplished mystery drama)
  • Fifi's Boutique by Joan and Bill, one of the two Club entries for the Kent Film Festival.

14th September 2018Meeting

New Venue

Following the visit to All Saints Church in Canterbury we agreed to hire the Church for our regular Club meetings, with effect from January 2019. The address is All Saints Military Rd, Canterbury CT1 1PA. See “Find us”  or at All Saints church

All Saints is an active Church, but when Services allow, makes space available to many organizations.

We hope this new city center site will make it easier for new people to join us.

Club Website

We now haav a "Showreel" page with links to the CFM YouTube Channel and to members own films. More films will be added soon.

The old "Weebly" website will be closed down. If you have a bookmark to it please change to the new site now.

Kentish Gazette

We have now re-started regular notices in the “Club Round-up” pages in the KG, with longer entries following each monthly meeting.

Possible Club Film - Invicta

We would like to make a film record of the move of Stephenson’s historic steam locomotive Invicta's move from Canterbury Museum to Whitstable Museum. We are trying to contact the various parties involved.

Subject for a Club Film

We were reminded that at a previous meeting, members had been invited to make a film about "Spring" which had inspired Joan to make her first Teddy Bear film, "A Springtime Picnic".

A list of possible topics was made for a similar film making exercise for members and a draw was made for "Weather" and members are invited to make a film about this subject over the coming months.

Make a Film Challenge

We were shown 10 items, each used in the making of Fifi's Boutique. Each item was associated with a playing card. Members were invited to draw a playing card and to make a film about the item they drew. There are no rules about the film except that it must reflect the item. It is hoped that the films made by those members taking part will be shown at our November 2018 meeting.

Kent Film Festival

Remember that this year's festival will be held at the Powell Theater, Canterbury Christchurch University on Saturday 29th September.


The meeting concluded with a showing of Bill's latest film, "String Theory" followed by three films from Tynemouth Film Making Group's Showreel: “Malta”, “Going-Going-Gone” and “Olympic Torch”.

Robin reminded members that we need to finalise which films we are going to send to Tynemouth Film Making Group as the Canterbury Showreel This to be discussed at our next meeting.

Date of Next Meeting:

The next meeting of the Canterbury Film Makers will place on Friday 12th October at 10.00 am at Chilham small Village Hall.

12th October 2018 Meeting

Another interesting meeting.

Kent Film Festival

New member Bernie entered his first film, “The Ghost that Haunted Itself” and deservedly won the “Maiden Trophy” for best newcomer.

Two other Club collaboration films were entered, “Don’t Cry ‘til it’s Over” and “Fifi's Boutique”.

Don’t Cry, a gripping crime drama was well received by the audience. Unfortunately the festival decided not to show Fifi’s Boutique, this was disappointing especially as we were not told it had been dropped beforehand.

You can watch Don’t cry and Fifi’s on our Showreel. The Ghost will be added soon.

We will continue to participate in festivals including SERIAC and BIAFF as we feel these are a worthwhile showcase for the work of other similar film makers.

Our own film Festival

In a similar vain, as in the new year we will be meeting in a much larger room in Canterbury town, we discussed holding our own Festival where we could show a range of our films to a wider audience.

Club Promo Film

Much progress has been made, we now have basic dialogue and shooting scripts, actors, filming dates and possible locations.

Xmas Lunch

Due to a large number of Members having other family commitments it was decided to move our social to later in the year, possibly Easter.

Training sessions

Video editing will be held at November and February meets.

Make Up for video - possibly January

Club film “Invicta”

Again, further progress on filming the move of the historic steam engine from Canterbury to Whitstable museums. With Whitstable Museum agreeing to let us film there. The expected move will be in the spring of 2019.


As well as the “Showreel” on our website, we are preparing a DVD reel to swap with other clubs including Tynemouth Film Making Group who have sent us their reel, - from which we watched:-

  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • Tyne Crossing
  • Paxton House

All Film were much appreciated.


We concluded with a showing of members films:-

  • “I feel Pretty” - Joan’ teddy at her make up*
  • “Robot Research” - bill’s Robot Bags a Bear*
  • “Distemper” - Bill’s Night vision spooky hoodie harmed
  • and an untitled Time-Lapse trial from Bill

(*Contributions from our October “Make a Film” challenge.)

Meeting 09/11/18


Note of Meeting held in Chilham small Village Hall on Friday 9th November 2018


We have received confirmation that the Club Members would be allowed to video the departure of Invicta from Canterbury Museum and its arrival at Whitstable Museum. The actual date of the move is, as yet, unknown.

CFM Showreel for Tynemouth Video Film Making Group

A suggested list of 18 video titles was discussed. Members were happy with the choice of films. We will send them to the Tynemouth Video Film Making Group as soon as the newest ones are with the archive. Probably before December.

Members Films

Members enjoyed the following short films:

  • Find a Post Box Anywhere*
  • Onions*
  • Library Fun (an experiment short sections of single frame animation)

Those marked * are Robert and Robin's contribution from our October 2018 "Make a Film" Challenge.

Video Editing Training Session

We then enjoyed Part 1 of Ken G’s Training Session on Video Editing which members found to be extremely useful. All members present showed their appreciation to Ken.

Our programme has changed slightly. Part 2 of Ken's Video Editing Training Session has been brought forward to our January meeting and the Make-Up session has been put back to our February meeting.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting of the Canterbury Film Makers will place on Friday 11th January at 10.00 am

at our new venue, All Saints Church, Military Road, Canterbury, CT1 1PA.

Meeting 11/01/2019

1. This was the first meeting in our new location.

It all went reasonably well, there where some issues with audio/visuals, but we are sure these will fade when we get used to the kit.

2. But, we were able to see some new films members had made.

These were

  • Weather (2minute experiment with “Green Screen”)
  • Monochrome (40second experimental animation)
  • House Fear ( 1min attempt to illustrate a short poem)
  • Colour Dance (1min experimental animation)
  • Hopgrove, Christmas 2018, (a celebration of family life over Xmas) (not yet on the Showreel)

you can see them on the "Showreel”

3. We agreed to enter the two 2018 Club Films (Don't Cry 'til it's Over and Fifi's Boutique) into the SERIAC and BIAFF Film Festivals.

4. Also we had a short demonstration of a members motorised "gimbal" stabiliser for his Action Camera.

So clever, so small, so useful.

5. The high point was, Part Two of the excellent Video Editing Training Session which members found to be extremely useful.

8th February 2019

Two club films "Don't Cry 'til It's Over" and “FIFI's Boutique" will be entered at BIAFF 2019 and SERIAC 2019 Film Festivals.

A poster and leaflet advertising the Club which could be distributed at various events, was presented, for comment and feedback by members.

Members enjoyed an excellent presentation on Theatrical Make-up. To demonstrate his topic, the presenter showed a short film that he had made demonstrating the creation of "cuts and bruises" to his hand and knee, using theatrical makeup techniques.

Members enjoyed a members latest short film, “Magic”, which can now be viewed on the recently revamped "Showreels" section of the Club's website.

The Chairman gave a short demonstration of his monopod and discussed its use in relation to other supports.

The meeting concluded with the showing of a further four films from the Tynemouth Film and Video Club Showreel:

  • “Baking Day”, “The Dream”, “Weally” and “Lakeland Motor Museum” and were mush enjoyed.

08 March 2019

Kent Museum of the Moving Image

The March meeting took an unusual format. We decided to have an away day visit to the “Kent Museum of the Moving Image” in Deal. And while we were all there we added a social lunch for Members and friends and family.

We ate at “Dunkerleys” and enjoyed good food in an attractive room looked after by attentive and pleasant staff. The conversation flowed freely, (and yes we can speak of things other than video!), we where so comfortable we could haves stayed all afternoon.

But, of course, we were keen to get to the main event – the visit to the “Kent MOMI”.

We were greeted most warmly by David and Joss, and introduced to the collection. And the left to enjoy the various displays at our leisure. There seemed to be much of interest to engage the special tastes of each Member. And someone was often, discretely available answer any questions if needed. After some time we all gathered in the museum’s little café where we were served with a welcome cuppa.

We urge readers to make a similar pilgrimage soon

A big thank you to Joss and David for the Museum and your help on the day, and as tickets last a year so I am sure you will see many of us again soon.


12 April 2019

1. Present - Alan Baker, Bill Ricketts, David Topple, Jim Appleyard, Joan Stingemore, Kathleen Ratcliffe, Ken Stroud, Philippa Trewby, Robert Nash and Robin Helmer

2. Apologies - Bernie Watts, David Ratcliff, Ken Finch, Ken Gair and Tony Green

3. The meeting got off to a bad start on Friday, unfortunately we were not able to gain access to the Church as the key holder was away on holiday and no-one was around to open up for us. We now understand that long term access issues are already underway, and an interim solution can be found.  However, Robert and Philippa saved the day by suggesting that we move to the Kings School Recreation Centre which was warm and comfortable.

4. We used the time together to discuss the Invicta project and agreed that a pre-move visit is necessary
to discuss the filming with the Museum folks. The date for the move has not been finalised but is expected to be in June.
Robin will liaise with the Museum and obtain some suggested dates for a site visit. More on this to follow.

5. We also managed to show Robin’s first attempt at a documentary and a couple of Bill's short films on a laptop but this was not a very satisfactory arrangement as not everyone could see or hear. These films will be shown again in coming meetings as time permits. As even in difficult conditions we all could agree that Robin's film was a major achievement and would wish to see it again and that it deserves a wider audience.

6. Date of Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Canterbury Film Makers Club will place on Friday 10th May at 10.00 am at All Saints Church, Military Road, Canterbury when Colin & Corrie Jones will be visiting us.

Bill Ricketts - 20 April 2019

Meeting  10 May 2019

1. Present - Alan Baker, Bill Ricketts, David Topple, Joan Stingemore, Ken Gair, Ken Finch, Ken Stroud, Philippa Trewby, Robert Nash and Robin Helmer

2. Apologies - Bernie Watts, David Ratcliff, Jim Appleyard, Kathleen Ratcliffe, Martin Vye and Tony Green

3. Robin opened the meeting by confirming that our scheduled speaker was unable to attend due to ill health. We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming him at another time. We were sad to hear of David R's stroke and also wish him a speedy recovery.

4. Invicta. Club film to record the transfer of the historic steam engine between Whitstable and Canterbury museums. Robin had made contact with the Whitstable museum’s curator and had been invited to make an on-site planning visit. Robin will liaise and consult, with an objective for an early meeting in June.

5. As had been suggested before, and after the Ashford club's “Three Clubs Three Films” event. Robin proposed we host a similar event at our new venue, and as we have space we could invite Ashford, Maidstone and Deal. We will seek an evening slot for the building at some time in September, and hope to make final plans after our AGM.

6. The rest of the meeting was taken up with member’s films

  • Ken S. introduced a work in progress “Gateways to Hell” A documentary using his personal filming in the west coast of the USA discovering the regions Volcanic/Seismic history. Members encouraged him to continue the good work.
  • Robert N. Showed a film of a family wedding, Robert demonstrated again that he is a master of hand held live event recording.
  • Ken F. came with new film on DVD but unfortunately it suffered “compatibility” issues with the computer so could not be shown. We hope to see this one on another occasion.
  • By popular demand Robin showed his “A Cathedral in Crisis” a second time ("as viewing conditions were not at their best at the last meeting”) and it, again, was well received.
  • And to finish Robin showed “ A Walk around Ashford” a short film demonstrating his hand held electronic gimbal stabilizer. And very well it worked too.

7. Ken G announced that, since we did not meet for a Christmas Lunch last year, he would like to hold a BBQ, probably in July, at his home in Dargate. Ken stressed that the invitation is open to all Club members along with their spouses, partners, friends, etc. Ken to provide details shortly. Ken was warmly thanked for his kind offer.

8. Date of Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Canterbury Film Makers Club will place on Friday 14th June at 10.00 am at All Saints Church, Military Road, Canterbury - The subject will be Special effects “Green Screen”.

Meeting 14th June 2019

Talk on the Green Screen Effect

The meeting opened with Bill giving an excellent talk on Green Screen techniques. With an accompanying PowerPoint presentation, Bill highlighted his experiences experimenting with this “Filter”, known as the "Chroma Key Effect". Bill included examples of times in his films where problems were visible and gave ideas on how these occurred and how they could be avoided. Bill also included a number of watchwords to bear in mind.

Bill was warmly thanked by those present for his very informative and enjoyable presentation.


Robin reported that some members had attended a meeting at Whitstable Museum Peter Banbury, the person in overall charge of the move of Invicta from Canterbury to Whitstable Museum. To discuss the Club's possible involvement with the move  scheduled for Saturday 15 June and Sunday 16th June. We were very impressed with the detailed planning that had gone into the move and the welcome given by Peter to the Club's involvement in this historic event. It was agreed that Bill would hope to attend to film the move in Canterbury on the Saturday and that Alan, Bill, Ken S and Robin would attend to film the return of Invicta to Whitstable on the Sunday. Peter explained that Club members would be given priority access to the permitted "photography" areas and safety requirments. Peter also explained that the Museum's Drone and Go-Pro footage would be made available to the Club.

It was agreed that the Club would attempt to make a film of the event once all the video footage, images, historical documents, original 1980 Club footage, etc. had been received and collated.

“Three Clubs Three Films” event.

Robin explained that he had been in contact with Ashford Camcorder Club who were keen to join us for a similar event to last year at our new venue. We will seek an evening slot at All Saints at some time in September and hope to make final plans at our July meeting.

Members Films

Unfortunately we ran out of time and so were unable to show any Member's Films. It is hoped that there will be sufficient time for this at our next meeting on 12 July, which is also the AGM.

Meeting  12 July 2019

Notes of Annual General Meeting held at All Saints Church, Canterbury on

Friday 12 July 2019 at 10.00 am.

1. The meeting began with a brief showing of some of the aerial footage of the move of Invicta from Canterbury to Whitstable.

2. AGN Admin Matters
Including Secretary’s Report

3. Programme for 2019 / 2020

Members had clearly given this much thought and offered the following suggestions:

  • Member's Travelogue
  • Club competition with Cup(s)
  • Make A Film Challenge
  • Film Scripts
  • Manual Settings on Camera
  • Masking (Bill)
  • Connecting Camera to PC (Ken G)
  • Key Framing (Robin)
  • Christmas Lunch (December Meeting) at Gate Inn, Canterbury

Members to discuss and agree the programme at the August meeting.

4. Club Film for 2019 / 2020

As agreed at the Club Meeting in June, the Club film for the coming year would be the story of Invicta from the time it first arrived in Whitstable in 1830 up the present day. Robin explained that Bill, Ken S and Alan had met at his house on 2nd June to review the footage shot and have produced a rough storyboard for the film. Bill has produced a very useful spreadsheet identifying each clip, when and where shot. Further work on the project will undertaken in the Autumn of this year.

Martin mentioned that he is a member of Canterbury Civic Society, an organisation that is concerned about Canterbury's heritage and that he hoping to make a film about Bridge with Bill's help. Martin explained that the Civic Society have a large archive of documents and possibly some old footage relating to Canterbury and wondered whether these might be of any use with the Invicta project. Robert mentioned that the best person to contact is Tim Jones who has a library of old amateur cine film relating to Canterbury (see https://blogs.canterbury.ac.uk/cafa/)

5. Club Website (www.canterburyfilmmakers.club)

Bill explained that he has incorporated a Showreel of Member's films, Club films and films from other Clubs and most rescentley a Reel for “Invicta” material old and new. The Showreel is updated on a regular basis. Bill was warmly thanked for his hard work on the Club's new website.

6. Kent Film Festival

Robin reminded members that the Kent Film Festival will take place this year on Saturday 28 September at the Powell Theatre, Christ Church University, Canterbury.

7. Three Clubs, Three Films Evening

Robin reported that he had received confirmation from Ashford Camcorder Club and Maidstone Camcorder Club that they both were interested in supporting another evening. It was agreed that we should hold this in September on a Monday evening (as the Church is free from 7.30 pm on Monday evenings), date to be confirmed at our August meeting.

8. CFM Film Festival

Members agreed that we should pursue this. It was agreed that a Monday evening meeting in October would be best. Date and further details to be confirmed at our August meeting..

9. Members films

We were pleased to be able to show the eagerly anticipated 3rd of Joan.s annual "Teddy Bear" films.
This year called "Goldilocks" - it was loved by all.

Hon. Sec.

E & O E

Canterbury Film Makers

Secretary's Report for 2018 /19

Club membership has been boosted by one during the past year. Our membership now stands at 16.

Two Club films, "Don't Cry 'til it's Over" and "Fifi's Boutique" were entered by the Club for the 2018 Kent Film Festival, the 2019 SERIAC Film Festival and the 2019 BIAFF. Congratulations to member Bernie for winning the Kent Film Festival 2018 Maiden Trophy for his excellent film, "The Ghost that Haunted Itself".

In July 2018, Club Members were invited by Ashford Camcorder Club to join them and Maidstone Camcorder Club for a "Three Clubs, Three Films" evening, which was held at Ashford's Club Venue. Each Club submitted three films of their choice which were enjoyed by all present. The evening ended with an excellent buffet supper.

Highlights of the year have included:

  • Make a Film Challenge - members were invited to draw lots for an item used in the making of "Fifi's Boutique" and then make a film that must include the item. Four members took part: Joan - Paintbrush, Bill - Robot, Robert - Post Box and Robin - Clipboard.
  • Ken S' training session on Makeup.
  • Ken G's training sessions on Video Editing.
  • Bill's training session on the Chroma Key (Green Screen) effect.
  • A link with Tynemouth Video Film Making Group with whom we "swopped" showreels.
  • a visit in March to the Museum of the Moving Image in Deal which was preceded by an excellent lunch at Dunkerleys Restaurant.

The last year has seen a considerable growth in the number of films being made by Club members, which is very encouraging.

The Club's website has improved considerably during the year. A new feature this year has been the introduction of "Showreel" and “News” sections. It is recommend those who have access to the internet should visit the website on a regular basis (www.canterburyfilmmakers.club).

Members have followed with interest the plans for moving Invicta from Canterbury to Whitstable Museum. The move took place on Saturday 15th / Sunday 16th June and four members were on hand to capture this on film. It is hoped that this footage will form the basis of the coming year's Club Film project.

Thanks are due to all members for their regular and enthusiastic support of the Club and especially those acting as Hon Chair, Secretary, Finance Officer, Webmaster, Dep.Sec., Projectionist, and Refreshments Manager.

12 July 2019