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Meeting Notes

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Highlights of Meeting Friday 13th March

Kent Film Festival
It was with regret that we learned that the 2020 festival had been cancelled. The organizers said that last year's low submissions and attendance rendered it uneconomic. CFM hopes that a 2021 Festival can be held.

Invicta progress
Much progress had been made. The team has agreed a filming day on 31st March at Whitstable Museum to record the crucial “Interview with Stevenson’s ghost” section.

John Lawrenson enquiry (Talk on Double Acts in the movies)
John (a professional speaker) offered his talk on Double Acts. This suggestion was quite well received by the members present. It was proposed to think about holding an evening event for friends and family, and perhaps one of our sister clubs.

Masking - Talk by Bill
Bill gave an excellent talk with Video clips on Masking, focusing on some examples of ways he had used the effect in his films. This drew plenty of lively questions and discussion from the floor. Bill's talk was much appreciated by those present.

Members films
No films were offered this month.

Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place on Friday 3th April 2020 at 10.00 am at All Saints Church, Military Road, Canterbury. The main topic will a discussion of the proposed CFM Film Festival.
(p.s. Cancelled - see  our NEWS item for 19 March 2020)


Highlights of Meeting Friday 14th February 2020

1. Notes

  • Reminder, ANIFEST. Canterbury’s animation festival at CCU
    will be returning for more animation fun 28 FEBRUARY - 1 MARCH 2020!!
  • One minute movie Competition. Based in Croatia it’s free & open to all.
    http://www.crominute.hr/en/news.html .
  • Enquiry from song-writer who has written a short ditty about Whitstable wanting to know whether Club members would be interested in providing a suitable video to accompany the song. Ken G and Robin expressed an interest. Robin to follow up.
  • Invicta. Team met 28/01/20 almost ready for filming the Stevenson scene.
  • Bank account. New provider bank contacted, will open soon. Ken F reported that he was awaiting to receive official notification of the closure of the CFM a/c,
  • Guest speakers. Colin offered several dates to show some of his films– and we thought June. Robin to contact and confirm.
  • Screen South are holding a short film competition, “Jam on the Marsh” to be shot on Romney Marsh, and are offering a Master Class in filmmaking. https://www.screensouth.org/events/jam-on-the-marsh-film-competition-and-filmmaking-masterclasses/
  • We were sad to hear the news that Jessop’s in Canterbury had closed, the shop was very popular with CFM.

2. Key Framing

Robin gave a very interesting talk on “Key Framing”, a powerful tool now appearing in software up-grades.
Robin issued a challenge to members to create an effect he described on their own setups.

5. Members films

As it was Valentine's day, “Loved-Up Valentine's” was shown – A compilation of seven short valentine's cards made by different members. As is the tradition all these were shown “Anonymously” and we will never know who made them, though members may guess?

6. Projection issues

At recent meetings we have become aware that we should review our projection hardware, software and projection policy.
Our projectionist Ken G had undertaken an investigation of Hardware, Software, Formats and Applications, (and previously issues notes on each). Ken then summarized all these to enable members to consider as way forward.

7. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Friday 13th March 2020 at 10.00 am at All Saints Church, Military Road, Canterbury. The main topic will a talk by Bill on “Masking & Framing”.


Highlights of Meeting Friday 10th January 2020

1. New Year

The Chair welcomed all and wished us a Happy New Year.
And recalled our recent Xmas lunch, thanking Joan for arranging this with the venue (The Red Lion in Bridge).

2. Award Ceremony

The Xmas lunch included the revived CFM’s Awards ceremony. Robin thanked Bill for dusting off the existing Club trophies and making a few new ones.

3. Invicta

Members where told that the “Invicta” team, - Bill, David, Ken S and Philippa would be meeting later in the month for script rehearsals.

4. Colin Jones

Colin (An olf friend of CFM) is now able to offer his postponed talk. We agreed to welcome him on any date of his choosing, and we will re schedule any other Club business.

5. Kent Film Festival

CFM had been approached by Peter Hughes, Chairman of “Kent Film Festival” who is seeking ideas for ways to boost participation. CFM wants to support KFF and Members will pass on our thoughts.

6. Projection Problems

The problems that the Club has had regarding projection of our films was discussed. It was agreed that since members produce their videos using a variety of formats, we need a computer with a built-in DVD player that can play all the common formats. Ken G very kindly offered to provide the Club with a compact PC which was greatly appreciated by those present.

We had a problem with sunlight on the screen. Ken G offered to bring his screen and / or the Club's 6ft screen which could be placed in such a way as to avoid the sunlight. Ken G was warmly thanked for his help.

7. Talk script preparation.

Ken S was unable to attend and deliver his part of this talk. Ken F was still able to continue with his part, a fascinating talk on script preparation. Ken used his original shooting script to one of CFM's recent Club films “Man About the House” which was also shown.

8. Member's Films

The following films were shown:

  • “Parcel”, Bill’s response to the Club “Make a film Challenge” where he drew a brown paper package.
  • “Test”, A try-out of the “Rutt-Etra” Filter on “Shotcut”

9. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Friday 14th February 2020 at 10.00 am at All Saints Church, Military Road, Canterbury.
With a main topic of a talk by Robin on “Key Framing”. And "Members Valentines films”.


Highlights of Meeting Friday 8th November 2019

1. Members were delighted to "feel" the warmth of the new heating system in the Church.

2. Members present where given a list of proposed films eligible for the CFM Film Awards together with a link for viewing those that are on YouTube, these will be sent to all members along with the voting criteria. We hope that members will enjoy in this fun activity. The winning films will be announced at our Christmas Lunch.

3. Christmas Lunch has been arranged at the Red Lion in Bridge.

4. We had a pleasant time watching some favorites, the following films were shown:

  • The Consultation - a Canterbury Ciné-Video Club Classic
  • Cardboard - Bill's first film
  • Don't Cry 'til It's Over - the 2018 Club film written and directed by Ken S
  • Orange Moon - Robin's Time Lapse film
  • I Feel Pretty - Joan’s response to the “make a film challenge”
  • Onions - Robin's Comedy film, also a response to the “make a film challenge”
  • (Garden Party), (Barn Dance) and ( Jubilee )- Three films from Robert's vast collection

The next meeting will be on Friday 10th January 2020 at 10.00 am at All Saints Church, Military Road, Canterbury. The main topic will be a talk by Ken F and Ken S on Film Scripts.

Highlights of CFM Meeting 18th October 2019

Retiring long term members Kathleen and Alan have accepted the Club's offer of Honorary Membership. We look forward to meeting them at special club events from time to time.
We also welcomed Nicholas as a new member.

3 Clubs 3 Films”
CFM hosted 33s” at the Club venue on Monday 30th September. Despite technical troubles, all films where shown and members of both Ashford and Maidstone Clubs had said that they had enjoyed the evening very much. Maidstone offered to host the evening next year.

Kent Film Festival
Club members had again been successful this year with Joan winning the Vic Currie Comedy Plate for the best Comedy Film (Goldilocks) and Robin winning the Lazer Rush Trophy for the best film on a Kent subject (A Cathedral in Crisis).

Invicta Project
In planning for the Stephenson interview scene four of us visited Whitstable Museum to see Invicta in situ. We ill now be planning and rehearsing dialogue and filming scripts, before returning to Whitstable for filming.

Bill gave a very interesting talk about the various manual settings on his camera with particular reference to focus. His talk was much appreciated by those present.

CFM Film Awards
Bill explained that he had collected some old Club Trophies/ Cups and had made a number of new ones. He proposed that these be awarded to Club members in the following categories for any film shown by a Club Member in the past:

  • TEXT / TITLE (e.g. Main Title, Sub Title, etc.)
  • ANY OTHER METHOD (Not live action. e.g. Drawn, Puppetry, Stop Motion, Time-lapse, etc.)

Members are invited to submit their nominations for films made by Club members in the above categories by the end of the November Club meeting. Please Note that members may not vote for their own films. To aid memory, a list of some of the films shown given.

Make A Film Challenge
Bill introduced three challenges:

Challenge 1: As with last year, Bill presented ten small items, each placed on a "Heart" playing card. Those interested in taking up this challenge were invited to draw a "Heart" card at random.
The following items were drawn:

  • Fish
  • Broach
  • Key
  • Battery
  • Bone
  • Parcel

Challenge 2: Bill provided four straws, each with a film subject written on a piece of paper. The subject drawn was "RED".

Bill explained that those wishing to take part in these challenges are invited to make a film of any length, genre and subject. The only criteria is that the film must include a reference in some way to the item drawn. There is no time limit - the film may be shown to members at a Club meeting of the member's choice.

Challenge 3: As our February 2020 meeting falls on Valentine's Day, members are invited to make an ultra short "Valentine" video card, to be shown at our meeting that day.

Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Canterbury Film Makers Club will place on Thursday 14th November at 10.00 am at All Saints Church, Military Road, Canterbury.
The topics will be:

  • Final showing of the Tynemouth Video and Film Making Group's Showreel
  • Member's Film


Friday 13th September 2019. Notes of Meeting at All Saints Church, Canterbury.

We learned that two members would no longer attend Club meetings. In recognition of their long service it was proposed and seconded that they both be made Honorary Members. And that they would be invited to special events such as the Christmas Lunch, etc.

We received, with his Club subscription, a very nice card from our Hampshire member who maintains a continuing interest in CFM matters.

“3 Clubs Evening”. Arrangements for this were well in hand and we expect there will be around 30 people attending from the Ashford, Maidstone and Canterbury Clubs. We agreed on the five CFM films to be shown.
Post Meeting, The treasurer confirmed that claims for expenses incurred will be met from Club funds.

Kent Film Festival. We were reminded that this year's Kent Film Festival is on Saturday 28th September and CFM could reserve tickets in advance for those members wishing to attend.

Invicta Project. The teem reported that good progress has been made. And would try and arrange a further meeting at Whitstable Museum to assess the possibilities of filming a section about the history of Invicta.
The team met at the Museum on Sunday 22nd September.

Bill showed his latest film "The Lanes and Byways of Old England" which was enjoyed by all.

The next meeting of the Canterbury Film Makers Club will place on Friday 18th October at 10.00 am at All Saints Church, Military Road, Canterbury. Please note the change of Date of this Meeting

Friday 09 August 2019. Notes of Meeting held at All Saints Church, Canterbury.

Members where asked to review and finalize the coming Programme for 2019/20 season. Agreed

It was pointed out that the low attendance at this meeting might be due to members on holiday in August, and that in the past there was no August meeting. Other members recalled that this had been discussed before and it was agreed to include August meeting.
An item for future meetings to review.

Ken G the CFM projectionist reported he would not be available in Sept. and Oct. And passed the kit to Bill to bring to those meetings.

 A viewing of part 1 & 2  of Ken F’s detailed film showing the history of Cinema in north Kent. Featuring Archive film and images and including clips of the films shown on opening night.
With much Applause.

We where advised that due to the local junior school’s harvest service the date of our October meeting of 11th was moved to Friday 18th.

 “3Clubs3Films.” It was proposed to retain the name of the event but allow participants to bring as many films as they wished to fill about 30mins. Bill distributed a list of his picks and invited members to review the CFM showreels on the website and make there own suggestions ASAP.

 With 5 mins to spare, Bill showed a 2min sketch film “The Lanes and Byways of Old England” a plea for traffic calming. (coming to the showreels soon)