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Caynham Parish Council

Clee Hill Forum

The Friends of Clee Hill Forum meets on the second Wednesday in the month at 7.00pm in the Three Crosses Housing Complex Meeting Room Clee Hill.

The Forum undertakes community projects which includes, monthly litter picks, Clean up days, Hill Warden Scheme where volunteers attempt to dissuade fly tippers, litterers and off roaders on Titterstone Hill.

The Forum has undertaken several maintenance programs on behalf of the Parish Council, painting the bus shelters, repairs at the public toilet, provision of a jubilee seat and the raising of funds for a defibrillator.

If interested in being a volunteer contact Mr George Cummings 01584 891635

See below for Village Welcome Pack

Minutes of The Friends of Clee Hill Forum 9 November 2016

Held at The Three Crosses

The meeting commenced at 7.05 pm with 17 people present.

Apologies: Val and Garth Ridgers, Pat Parker, John and Lesley Shew

The Chairman welcomed Glynn Barratt from TCHT

Minutes of meeting held on 12 October 2016 were agreed as a true record, Howard Parker proposing and Anthony Pryor seconding.

Treasurer's Report:  Defibrillator account £118 debit. Youth Forum £460.70 Forum £396.50.

Litter/FlyTipping: - 18 bags of litter. The chairman reported that two bins locks on the quarry site were missing. 

Hill Wardens Meeting held on 8 November. Henry Chance suggested an internal Facebook page be set up as a means of communication. Public liability Insurance now due; unfortunately, Hansons in the Community are unable to pay for it this year. Glynn said all wardens, when doing a patrol, should notify a member of their household exactly where they are patrolling otherwise, he queried whether the Public Liability Insurance may be negated.  It was reported that stones had been stolen from Titterstone and monument stones broken.  Glynn said that this was a prosecutable offence and English Heritage would prosecute if the offender could be identified. It was felt that covert cameras were the only solution to possibly stop this.

Neighbourhood Watch:  There had been a number of thefts of Land Rover, Defender and Discovery vehicles being stolen to order.

Youth Forum: Glynn suggested perhaps joining forces with South Shropshire Youth Forum.

Community Speed Watch: Continuing to do ½ hour slots with one vehicle reported every 4 minutes or so.                                                                                                                                  

Fundraising – Quiz Night: suggested date 10 March 2017.                        

Best Kept Village – Vandalised car park planter now reinstated and replanted and Judith Baulcombe and Rose Atherley have planted spring bulbs in the other two. Dayne Booth suggested that, perhaps, a “wheelchair accessed” footpath be provided for access to the Toposcope. Glynn said Veolia had an Awards for All scheme which could be approached for funding.  Forum members agreed that the footpath was a good idea. A steering committee was set up. Proposed by Ian Lowman-Brown and Seconded by Dayne Booth. Chairman  to check with Clerk to the Parish Council who owns the ground.

                                                                                                            ACTION; GEORGE.

Signage –  Commoners have agreed to donate £210 for the signs to be sited at Whatsill and Andy Chapman will erect the posts. Aaron will make the signs.

Defibrillator: George Williams reported that the Parish Council will pay for new pads and batteries. Letter to go to the Parish Council thanking them.            ACTION; GEORGE 

Jubilee Seat Outside School:  Now cleaned and painted. The Chairman thanked Dayne for doing this.

Village Clean Up Day:  More funding required.      


Bill Clark reported that the Village Youth Club are holding an event for Children in Need on 17 November.

Clee Hill Post Office: Negotiations still ongoing re long term.

Village Noticeboard front: It was suggested that Shropshire Glass could possibly provide perspex to fit. Chairman to look into this.                                                     ACTION: GEORGE 


There being no other business the meeting closed at 20.50 hours.