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Char Valley planning consultations

Char Valley Parish Council Consultation Process (extract from standing orders)

1. The Clerk shall, as soon as it is received, enter on the planning log viewable on the council’s website the following particulars of every planning application notified to the Council:

       i.              the date on which it was received.

       ii.             the name of the applicant.

       iii.            the place to which it relates.

       iv.            a summary of the nature of the application.

       v.             which Councillor the application has been delegated to

       vi.           the date by which responses need to be submitted to the Planning Authority.


The Clerk will also at this point notify all councillors by email that the application has been received and sent out to the delegated area representative..

All planning applications will be initially looked at by three Councillors, at least one from the ward of the application and at least one from another ward.

Minor planning applications, i.e. the greater majority, e.g. for alterations for modest extensions to existing dwellings,  that do not  significantly affect the nature of the dwelling, with no objections from another individual Councillor for the ward, or from a neighbour, would following the recommendation from the three councillors be delegated to the Clerk to reply to West Dorset District Council.  A report would be given at the following Council meeting.

For larger applications, such as the erection of a dwelling or other significant structure, a change in use of business premises, a major extension, a change in use with potential for wider impact on residents, or those with multiple objections from councillors or neighbours, the three Councillors would give their report in public, to be voted on at a full Council meeting. This is dependent on the return schedule for West Dorset District Council. Where deadlines do not permit this, at the discretion of the Clerk and Chair a request may be made to the Planning Authority to extend the deadline. If no extension is allowed by the Planning Authority the application must be dealt with under 2. above.

Where there are issues of particular local interest, multiple objections, or contention an extraordinary meeting of the Council or a meeting of the Planning Committee may be called (again subject to deadlines permitting). The power to call an extraordinary meeting rests with the Chair of the Council or by the process set out in standing order 15 and will only be used in exceptional cases.

 Members of the public and applicants have the right to speak in accordance with standing orders 1h to k,at council or planning committee thus permitting up to 3 minutes speaking time per individual, this and the total duration of time permitted for representations to be at the Chair's discretion.     

 In coming to a view on applications, the Council will, wherever practical, seek the views of any adjoining resident likely to be affected, but it cannot guarantee to do so and the onus primarily rests with residents. While taking careful account of residents views the ultimate recommendation will be formed by the councillors involved and will be based upon the adopted local plan and material planning considerations. Residents will be advised to also make their objections known directly to the Planning Authority.