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Countryside Working Party

Report for CVPC of the Countryside Working Party meeting on Monday 29th October 2018


Present: Cllrs. Joyce, Peck, Johnson, Sage and Vaughan, A Marks (parish clerk)

Apologies: Cllr. Colby, Cllr. Bailey

Results of proposed actions following CVPC meeting

·         Sheep are being infected with tape worm from dogs., Cllr Colby to discuss with farmers where posters regarding dogs bothering animals should be placed

·         Glossary of farming terms – Cllr Johnson has been researching this, but it is rather long winded, and she is trying to make it shorter

·         Cllr Johnson has also been working on a day of a farmer’s year; when this is finished she will send it to all the councillors for additions and amendments, Cllr Colby will need this by the end of January

                                                        Action: Cllr Johnson/other working party members

·         CVPC footpath officers will be contacted to ensure that they are aware of their duties.                                                                                 Action: Clerk/Cllr Joyce

·         Planning

·         It is suggested that CVPC writes to WDDC Planning Department regarding the problems experienced by CVPC in contacting planning officers.                                        Action: Cllr Joyce

·         Superfast Broadband

·         Cllr. Vaughan is looking further into Superfast Broadband.   Action: Cllr Vaughan


Non-farming residents’ comments

Comments from non-farming Whitchurch residents, randomly collected by Cllr Peck were circulated prior to the meeting and received favourably. Most of the villagers are in support of the farming community and appreciate many of the problems currently confronting the industry.

Suggested issues arising from comments to be discussed

1 Slurry/river water quality

Following discussion about slurry spreading and the water quality of the River Char, CWP recommends that CVPC should contact the environment agency regarding the state of the River Char – offering co-operation in improving water quality                                                                 Action; Cllr Joyce

Cllr Johnson undertook to enquire other a track could be left around fields with footpaths, so walkers can avoid slurry spreads.                                                                                            Action: Cllr Johnson

2 Transport

It was noted that hedges in Ryall Road have been cut back thus improving the road width. Various other transport issues were examined, and the following recommendations made - 

·         That CVPC should pursue the imposition of a 20mph speed limit through Whitchurch village but that bumps would be inappropriate                 Action: Cllr Colby/Joyce

·         The Gassons Lane corner in Whitchurch is very narrow for large vehicles to negotiate – Residents could be requested to ask for smaller delivery vans. DCC should also be contacted to see if the corner can be re-fashioned to accommodate larger vehicles.                                                                                         Action: Cllr Joyce

If possible, controls on the new pedestrian crossing at Morcombelake should be placed at heights suitable for both wheelchair users and horseback riders leaning down from their saddles.                                  Action: Cllr Everidge/Clerk


3 Recent events around the badger cull

Events were discussed, and it was recommended that -

CVPC should ask the police for a designated contact, as in the past, so that we can advise the residents of CVPC when appropriate                                                                                                        Action:Cllr Joyce

·         Next meeting of the working party to be held on 7th January