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The Parish Council

Charlwood Parish Council The Parish Council

What do Parish Councils do?

The Parish Council is the most local level of government with elections held every five years. It is the community's direct link to district and county councils and to central government and has been granted powers by Parliament including the important authority to raise money through taxation, called the precept. The Council plays a vital part in the community it serves, provides a link to the local community and aims to identify and address areas of local concern. 

CPC will pursue opportunities to improve the quality of life for residents of the parish, to improve the local environment and to deliver amenity improvements. In Charlwood and Hookwood that means, among other things, maintaining a close link with Gatwick Airport and to monitor and comment on, and campaign against, expansion plans at the Airport which would harm the interests of the community.

The Parish Council is consulted by Mole Valley District Council on all planning applications which fall within the parish and is consulted by MVDC, Surrey County Council and Surrey Police in relation to other government functions including planning policy, highways maintenance, road safety, public rights of way and local policing.

In addition Charlwood Parish Council is responsible on behalf of the parish for maintaining the leisure and recreational areas in the community – The Recreation Ground and the Millennium Field in Charlwood and The Withey in Hookwood as well as the management of the Glebe Field. It fosters close relations with the various sporting clubs that use the Recreation Ground and maintains parish assets that include the Sports & Community Centre, the village sign, two notice boards and various benches.

Who sits on the Parish Council?

CPC is made up of eight Councillors in addition to the Chairperson Penny Shoubridge. It meets every month with the exception of August and December, usually on the third Monday of the month, starting at 8pm. The public are encouraged to attend Meetings and are given space to ask questions and make comments.  CPC also organises an Annual Parish Meeting in May at which residents are welcome and community groups can showcase their work and achievements during the year. 

For more information about the Councillors and how you can contact them use this link.

The Parish Council incurs administrative expenses and the cost of employing a part-time Clerk to handle administration and ensure it keeps abreast of legislation and its obligations. In addition it employs, part-time, a Bookings Clerk, a Caretaker and a Groundsman.

The Clerk holds a weekly surgery on Mondays at the Sports & Community Centre between 11-2pm though it is subject to change and updates are given via the Parish Council's Facebook page. To contact the Clerk, email clerk@charlwoodparishcouncil.gov.uk but be aware that because of his part-time hours a response may not be forthcoming immediately.