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Chearsley Parish Council

About Us

Chearsley Parish Council About Us

Welcome to the brand new Chearsley Parish Council website, where you can find all the detail you need about the work of your Parish Council, its aims, meetings, plans and projects.

We would love to get your views on the content, so please let us know what you think and also sign up for email alerts to keep in touch with the latest developments. 

We hope you find it enjoyable and informative.


Chearsley Parish Council About Us

The Parish Council is an elected body in the first tier of local government.  Other tiers, known as principal councils or authorities, have many legal duties to deliver services such as education, housing, town and country planning, transport, environmental health and social services.  Local Councils have the legal power to take action, but they have very few duties and greater freedom to choose what action to take.  The can play a vital part in representing the interests of the community it serves and improving the quality of life and the local environment.  Furthermore, they can influence decision makers and can, in many cases, deliver services to meet local needs.

Some of the issues that concern parish government are community safety, housing, street lighting, litter, war memorials, seats and shelters, rights of way and some aspects of planning and highways.

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Chearsley Parish Council

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First published January 2017