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Annual General Meetings

The next Annual General Meeting of the Club will take place at 7.00pm on Friday 01 November at the clubhouse. The minutes of the previous meeting, which will need to be approved by members, are attached below, so that you can examine them before the meeting.

If any member wishes to submit a proposal for this meeting, they must do so in writing (e-mail acceptable) to the Secretary by Thursday 17 October, in time for the publication of the final agenda for the meeting on Friday 18 October. If you do raise a proposal, it is helpful if you can supply any background information and reasons for your proposal, which can be circulated with the agenda. Please note that only business on the agenda may be discussed; you may raise questions to the officers on their reports and debate any proposal or motions, but no new proposals or motions can be accepted at the meeting.

Nomination sheets for election of officers are available on the club noticeboard and will stay up until Wednesday 30 October. All nominees, proposers and seconders must be full members of the Club. You should check with any proposed nominee that they are willing to stand, before making a nomination. There are brief descriptions of the duties of officers and committees at Appendix A to the Club Constitution, which is also available in the Information folder at the clubhouse. Please have a look and if you think you can help the Club by serving as an officer or committee member, please put you name forward.

Social and Social Plus members are very welcome to attend and they may ask questions and speak to motions, though they may not stand for office nor vote on motions or in elections.

You can view or download the agenda for the meeting and the cash flow statement for the year ending on 30 September 2019 from the files listed below.