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Cheltenham Whaddon Bowls Club

Mixed Pairs

The Mixed Pairs is subject to the general competition rules and the following special rules:

  1. The Committee will make a draw for partners, each pair comprising one lady and one gentleman. Entry fees will be refunded to any entrant not drawn with a partner.
  2. Matches shall be played over 21 ends, the winner being the pair with the higher score at the completion of the 21st end. If the scores are level, an extra end shall be played to decide the winner.
  3.   Pairs are expected to play as drawn, but substitutes (of the relevant gender) may be permitted to play, subject to the approval of the Committee, if one member of the pair is unavailable for good reason and there would be unacceptable delay in playing the match. Substitutes must be full members of the club and cannot be a competitor in the same competition, even if previously eliminated. Substitutes will not be allowed in the semi-final or final matches. .

The date for each round indicates the latest date by which the match is to be played, except the final which will be played on the date shown.

Mixed Pairs 2019

Round 1

1 Teresa Adams + Richard Mason
Sunday 30th June 2019
2 Doreen Morris + Steve Pattenden 13
3 Brenda Miller + Don Bailey 24
Sunday 30th June 2019
4 Jan Hawkins + Ray Hawkins 25
5 Jill Whistler + Peter Weir 17
Sunday 30th June 2019
6 Carol Savage + John Petchey 14
7 Yvonne Anderson-Foss + Peter McGiffie 26

Round 2

Sunday 11th August 2019
1 Teresa Adams + Richard Mason
3 Brenda Miller + Don Bailey
Sunday 11th August 2019
4 Jan Hawkins + Ray Hawkins
7 Yvonne Anderson-Foss + Peter McGiffie

Round 3

Sunday 1st September 2019
Winner of match 5
Winner of match 6