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Cheltenham Whaddon Bowls Club

Mr & Mrs

The Mr & Mrs competition is subject to the general competition rules and the following special rules:

  1. The Mr & Mrs competition is open to married couples, both of whom must be members of the Club’s bowling section. No substitutes will be allowed.
  2. Matches shall be played over 21 ends, the winner being the pair with the higher score at the completion of the 21st end. If the scores are level, an extra end shall be played to decide the winner.

The date for each round indicates the latest date by which the match is to be played, except the final which will be played on the date shown.

Mr & Mrs 2018

Round 1

Sunday 8th July 2018
1 Lyn Hopkins + Dave Hopkins
2 Maggie Newman + Mike Newman
Sunday 8th July 2018
3 Teresa Adams + Alan Adams 10
4 Jacqui Simmons + Dave Simmons 23
Sunday 8th July 2018
5 Debby Hooper + Dave Hooper
6 Jane Hawkes + Keith Hawkes
Sunday 8th July 2018
7 Jan Hawkins + Ray Hawkins
8 Jan Bowd + Jim Bowd

Round 2

Sunday 19th August 2018
Winner of match 1
4 Jacqui Simmons + Dave Simmons
Sunday 19th August 2018
Winner of match 3
Winner of match 4

Round 3

Sunday 2nd September 2018
Winner of match 5
Winner of match 6