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Cheltenham Whaddon Bowls Club

Waghorne Friday Triples: Schedule

The table below shows when each team is playing and on which rink. All games begin at 1800 prompt. Rink numbers may have to be changed on the night, if rinks are unavailable due to competitions or other club games.

The full list of teams is here

Please note: due to Ladies County matches we cannot play on 01 and 15 June.

As a result of the disruption to the Waghorne's Triples, we have decided to extend the playing season into September, so that a meaningful number of games decide the leagues. The final between the top teams in Pool A and B will now be played on Friday 21 September.

For Pool A this means they will now play on 07 September (matches from 10 August), while Pool B will play on 14 September (round of matches from 07 July).

Waghorne's Triples Fixtures for 2018

Date Rink 1 Rink 3 Rink 4 Rink 5 Rink 6

18 May 2018

A10 v. A01

A05 v. A06

A03 v. A04

A07 v. A09

A02 v. A08

25 May 2018

B01 v. B05

B10 v. B08

B02 v. B03

B04 v. B07

B06 v. B09

08 June 2018

A02 v. A09

A05 v. A04

A01 v. A06

A03 v. A08

A07 v. A10

22 June 2018

B02 v. B07

B05 v. B09

B06 v. B08

B10 v. B03

B04 v. B01

29 June 2018

A05 v. A08

A03 v. A09

A02 v. A 07

A10 v. A06

A01 v. A04

06 July 2018

B06 v. B03

B02 v. B04

B10 v. B07

B01 v. B09

B05 v. B08

07 July 2018


A03 v. A07

A04 v. A06

A05v. A09

A01 v. A08

A02 v. A10

13 July 2018

A10 v. A04

A01 v. A09

A02 v. A03

A05 v. A07

A06 v. A08

20 July 2018

B10 v. B02

B01 v. B08

B06 v. B04

B04 v. B07

B09 v. B03

27 July 2018

A05 v. A02

A03 v. A10

A01 v. A07

A06 v. A09

A04 v. A08

03 August 2018

B05 v. B04

B06 v. B02

09 v. b07

B08 v. B03

B10 v. B01

17 August 2018

B01 v. B03

B09 v. B04

B05 v. B02

B06 v. B10

B08 v. B07

24 August 2017

A04 v. A07

A08 v. A09

A01 v. A03

a06 v. A02

A05 v. A10

31 August 2018

B08 v. B04

B06 v. B01

B03 v. B07

B09 v. B02

B05 v. B10

07 September 2018

A10 v. A08

A06 v. A07

A04 v. A09

A05 v. A03

A01 v. A02

14 September 2018

B09 v. B08

B05 v. B03

B02 v. B01

B10 v. B04

B06 v. B07