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Chichester Farmers Market

Why shop at a Farmers Market?

Fresh food

Fresh produce declines in nutritional value the longer it is left between harvesting and eating, so the sooner fruit and vegetables can be eaten after harvesting the better.

Reduces your impact on the environment

The food is in season, has minimal packaging, and has travelled less. All of which have huge environmental benefits. The organisation Sustain estimated that a complete roast dinner brought from a supermarket could have travelled approximately 24,000 miles before it is eaten. This is compared to buying a similar meal from a farmers' markets where the food would have only travelled approximately 80 miles.

Supports your local economy

A New Economics Foundation Study showed that £10 spent in a Cornish local box scheme resulted in a £25.90 investment in the local economy. A comparative study showed that spending £10 at a supermarket results in a £14 investment locally.