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Christchurch Twinning Association

A.G.M. from 2016

Minutes of AGM Meeting from 2016 approved Tuesday 21st March 2017

Christchurch Twinning Association Annual General Meeting
15th March 2016 at 7.30 p.m.

Present: His Worship the Mayor (Hon President), Dr. H. Piper (Chairman), Miss T. Wright
(Vice-Chairman), Mrs. D. Hegarty (Secretary), Mrs. S. Gardner (Committee), Mrs. S. Piper
(Committee) and 18 Association Members.


The Chairman took the Chair and read the Notice convening the meeting, welcoming those

Apologies for Absence:

Cllr. D. Flagg(Committee) & Mrs. Flagg, Mrs. R. Pickett (Committee) & Mr. D. Pickett, Mrs. P.
Baker, Mrs. D. Bredda, Mrs. C. Bridger, Mr. K. Dix, Mrs. M. Hall, Mr. & Mrs. P. Higgins, Mrs.
A. Hurrell, Miss H. Rankin and Mr. & Mrs. M. White.


It was proposed by Miss Wright, seconded by Mrs. Piper and duly- RESOLVED - That the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on the 24th
March 2015 be signed by the Chairman as an accurate record.

Matters Arising:

No matters were raised from the floor.

Chairman's Report:

Dr. Piper referred with much regret to the recent death of Mr. Dave Halfpenney, who had
been the Association's Treasurer since 2011. The Chairman explained that Mr. Halfpenny
had been ill for most of the previous year, saying Association Member. Mr. Syd Ede, had
done sterling work in preparing the year-end accounts for submission to the Independent
Examiner. Dr. Piper said he felt it a privilege to be Chairman of the Association which he
believed had a part to play in building friendships and that Christchurch benefited in many
respects through contacts and commerce. He felt the object of the Association should now
be to encourage the next generation of'twinners'. The Chairman then ran through the
various visits to and from Christchurch during 2015, which included a visit by Christchurch
NZ students, who saw the World War I hospital and graves at Brockenhurst, where they
sang the New Zealand National Anthem and laid a wreath. Aalen Round Table and its local
Band and a group of 30 people from Saint Lo had also visited Christchurch during the year,
as well as the Cathedral Organist from Christchurch NZ, who had given a recital at the Priory
Church. He also referred to various social activities, stating that the Association had
purchased a tear drop banner and display boards to advertise the Association more to the
general public; in addition the organisers of the Christchurch and District Band had offered
(as affiliated members) to prepare a twinning website for the Association. The Chairman
than thanked members of the Executive Committee for their work and support, the
Association's twin town contributors to the magazine, with a special mention for Mr.
Michael Gardner, who whilst not a Committee Member, acted as Artistic Director. 

Mr. Jeremiah then proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman and all the Committee for
their efforts on behalf of members by ensuring the regular distribution of the magazine,
arranging interesting social events and the considerable work involved when hosting visitors
from twin towns, this being echoed by those present.


Mr. Ede reported on the accounts for the previous year and thanked all who had provided
information to enable him to prepare a set of draft accounts for presentation to the
Association's Independent Examiner. Mr. Ede referred to the considerable amount of
monies which the Association handled, stating that a deficit on the year of approximately
£800.00 had been mainly due to expenditure relating to twin town visits to Christchurch.
He explained that even general running costs had not been covered, saying this was
reflected in the Committee's recommendation to increase subscription fees. There being
no questions from the floor it was then proposed by Mrs. Spencer, seconded by Mr.
Gardner and duly -

RESOLVED - That the accounts for the financial year-end 31st December 2015 be adopted.

Election of Officers and Committee:

His worship the Mayor took the Chair for the elections and there being only one fresh
nomination for the office of Treasurer proposed as Hon. President that the nominees be
elected en bloc, it being unanimously-

RESOLVED - That the following paid-up Members be re-elected for a further term:

Chairman - Dr H Piper
Vice-Chairman - Miss T. Wright
Treasurer - Mr S. Ede
Secretary - Mrs D. Hegarty
Committee- Mrs S. Gardener. Mrs R. Pickett. Cllr D. Flagg. Mrs S. Piper

The Mayor then indicated that he would like to be considered as a Committee Member
following the end of his Term of Office in May. It was confirmed that the Committee would
be pleased to eo-opt him onto the Executive Committee in due course.

Dr. Piper thanked the Mayor and resumed the Chair for the remainder of the meeting.

Annual Subscription Fees

The meeting discussed a recommendation from the Executive Committee to increase the
annual subscription fees as set out in the agenda of the meeting. Mr. Ede stated that to
request a cost-effective figure could result in a reduction in membership, bearing in mind
that some long-standing members were no longer able to attend events, but enjoyed reading the magazine and felt their annual membership continued to support the Association. The Secretary confirmed that the sum of £52.50 was raised through local firms
advertising in the magazine, explaining that HPM South obtained a small discount as they
allowed their printing facilities to be used to produce the magazine in colour at cost.
Following further discussion, Miss Butcher referred to the considerable work undertaken by
Committee Members, it then being proposed by Mr. Turvey, seconded by Mr. Dack and
unanimously -

RESOLVED - That the subscription fees for 2016/17 be increased to £8.00 per single person,
and £15.00 per couple/family and affiliated organisations/businesses.

Any other Business:
(1) Coffee Mornings

Mrs. Spencer referred to the monthly coffee mornings, suggesting that in addition Members
might consider hosting similar events in their homes. It was therefore agreed that the Vice-
Chairman should include an AS flyer with the next magazine asking for volunteers to host
either a morning or afternoon event.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.10 p.m. The Chairman then invited
those present to join the Committee in a complimentary glass of wine whilst reviewing
events and visits which had taken place during 2015. 

Accounts attached below.








Financial accounts for 2016