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Christchurch Twinning Association

July 2017 Chips on the beach

By Syd Ede Christchurch Twinning Association

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Christchurch Twinning Association Contributor


Chips on the Beach.July 2017.

At the start of July again we welcomed our friends from Tatabanya to Christchurch when Magdi and her young friends arrived for their one week visit. As is her custom Magdi and her friend ventured to try what no sane “Brit” would do? That is to successfully tour the area on the Bus from Highcliffe to as far as Durdle Dor, Swanage and all points in between accompanied by a dozen young people aged between 12 and 18 years.

It was good to be able to catch up with her again and on behalf of the Association repay some of the kindness that had been extended to us two years earlier when we visited Tatabanya for the Miners remembrance festival.

Our Tuesday together started at the Priory where we had organised for them a climb up the tower to admire the views, followed by a guided tour of the Priory where we managed to simplify the history a little and then lunch in the Café. Sandwiches, cake and drinks were soon disappearing as our young well behaved friends topped up their fuel tanks.

After lunch it was the Chairman’s turn to take the reins and lead the group on a tour of the town via the quay, through the gardens, around the ruins before arriving at the “Ducking Stool”.  The youngsters were amused by the stool and fascinated by its purpose, especially when it was explained that it could be used to punish a woman who talked too much!

Returning to the square our young Hungarian friends disappeared off to discover the mysteries of Poundland and other local shops.

A blowy Steamer Point At 7pm was where we all met up again along with several members who accepted the invitation to join us to eat “Fish and Chips” on the Beach (Courtesy of Howard & Sheila). While the youngsters played on the sand and the “brave one “swam in the sea the rest of us chatted and tried to keep a little warm in the setting sun on another successful day for twinning. A big thankyou to everyone that came along and supported at lunchtime and the evening for showing what twinning is about.

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