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Christchurch Twinning Association

Social News

October 2015 guests from St Lo. 

Arrived this month on the Friday night for a long weekend visit which included on a wet Saturday morning a tour of the Priory ( Many thanks to our local translator) including a trip to the top of the tower to experience the steps up and the views across the town as far as Mudeford and beyond. That evening saw all attending a welcoming buffet and reception in the civic centre hosted by the Worshipful Mayor of Christchurch Cllr Fred Neale.

Sunday saw a coach trip to the city of Winchester accompanied by Christchurch twinning friends and the day finishing with a hosted evening meal at the Tyrells Ford country inn restaurant, where the food was plentiful and the speeches brief. 

Monday mornings departure was preceeded by guests and hosts meeting together at Highcliffe Castle for a conducted tour of the restored building  following on from a resume of its history. At the end of the tour there was the opportunity for everyone to add their signature to the modern "Magna Carta" in the large hall. Finally coffees were drunk and good byes were made in the restaurant before the guests departed.

September 2015 visit to Tatabanya and the miners rememberance.

At the start of the month four Christchurch twinners visited Hungary to experience first a few days in Budapest with its beautiful architecture, churches and museums. They took the opportunity to see and experience the twinned cities of Buda and Pest from both sides of and from on the river over the four days. Journeying by train the hour or so to the historical Tatabanya rail station on the Saturday morning they arrived at their hotel just in time for the first of many exquisite meals during a weekend of celebration, rememberance and entertainment.This was a weekend shared with Tatabanya's other twinned towns from the Ukraine, Poland and Germany.(Aalen) There was the moving experience of the Miners memorial service and ceremony, the funfair, a trip to the Alex Korda museum and studios then finally an evening with wine tasting, traditional dancing, eating and the exchange of civic gifts.