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Church Pulverbatch Parish Council

Stretton Led Community Plan

By Church Pulverbatch Parish Council Church Pulverbatch Parish Council

Monday, 2 December 2019


Church Pulverbatch Parish Council Contributor



4th November 2019

To: Parish Councils in the Strettons area

Dear Friends

The Strettons Community-Led Plan

As you may know, we are currently in the process of developing a Community-Led Plan for the Strettons. The Plan will provide an agenda for our future direction and development for the period 2020-2036.

Although the Plan is for the Strettons, we are conscious that we sit within a network of local communities, who both contribute to and use the services located here.

In order to help us develop our Plan, it is important that we are fully aware of the context within which we work and understand the relationship between our community and the surrounding parishes. We are asking for your help.

What do the Strettons mean to your community?

How does your locality contribute to the quality of life in the Strettons?

What are your needs that we should consider?

What are the opportunities and challenges that face us in the coming years, and to which a common response may be of benefit to all?

We hope that you may give consideration to these questions (and any others that you think relevant), and we look forward to reading your responses.

I would be happy to attend any meeting, to listen in person.

Thank you (in advance).

Yours sincerely,

D.A. Howard

David Howard

Chair, CLP Steering Group

Culmore, Clive Avenue, Church Stretton, Shropshire, SY6 7BL

Tel.: 01694 722904

Email: dahowardscc@outlook.com

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