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Neighbourhood Plan

Regulation 14

Draft Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Neighbourhood Plans derive from the Government’s determination, through the Localism Act, to ensure that local communities are closely involved in the decisions that affect them. In February 2017 Clipston Parish Council applied to Daventry District Council for the Parish of Clipston to be designated as a Neighbourhood Planning Area. Designation was made on 3rd March 2017 and following designation, the Parish Council agreed that a Neighbourhood Planning Advisory Committee be set up including Parish Council members, volunteers, business personnel from the area and other interested members from the community.

The agenda was to establish a vision for Clipston through the Neighbourhood Plan, which delivers the local community’s needs and aspirations, but at the same time being in accordance with National Planning Policy Framework, the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategic Local Plan (Part 1)(2014) and the Settlements and Countryside Local Plan (Part 2) for Daventry District (February 2020).

The Plan is a statutory document that (if made) will be incorporated into the Daventry District Council planning framework, and must be used by the District Council (and its successor) to inform how they determine planning applications.

The Parish Council has overseen the development of the Plan but has designated the preparation to the Advisory Committee: that Committee with the support of three theme groups, all of which are formed by members of the community, have prepared the Plan taking into account the views of the wider community.

Professional support has been provided by Yourlocale. Financial support has been provided by Locality Neighbourhood Planning Grants and Technical Support, and Awards for All.

The Advisory Committee has consulted with and listened to the community on a wide range of issues that will influence the well-being, sustainability and long-term preservation of this community. The Plan contains a number of policies, including actions addressing climate change; biodiversity; supporting limited development activity; retention of local green spaces; and introducing community actions promoting initiatives from parishioners. All of the Plan policies have been drafted following engagement with the residents of Clipston parish.

Once the Plan has been made, (but only if a favourable local referendum is achieved), it will form part of the Daventry District Council development plan and become, with the Daventry District  Council’s Local Plans Part 1 and Part 2 the starting point for deciding where development should take place, its type and quality and ensuring that it is sympathetic to, and improves the look and feel of the area.

The Plan seeks to improve community facilities, services, infrastructure and the local environment to ensure that the quality of life of existing and future residents is sustainable and improved where possible. The Plan contains a Community Actions section to promote initiatives from parishioners in all categories.

An electronic copy of the Neighbourhood Plan is available to view online or download from the below link


Additionally, an electronic copy of the Summary of the Neighbourhood Plan prepared by Yourlocale (the Parish Council’s consultants) is available to view on line or download from the below link


How to Comment on The Draft Plan

Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic and the Government’s restrictions on social distancing and related matters, the Parish Council is unable to hold an Open Day in the Village Hall for Clipston parishioners to attend and view the Neighbourhood Plan as anticipated under Regulation 14, Town and Country Planning, England Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulation 2012.

However, in accordance with updated Planning Practice Guidance in relation to Covid-19 (as issued by the Government on 13th May 2020) the Parish Council is delivering to each household and business in Clipston Parish a Summary of the Neighbourhood Plan. Accompanying the Summary are the Clipston Parish Council web-site details where the Neighbourhood Plan (including its Appendices and Supporting Documents) can be downloaded in addition to a Comments Form. For those who do not have internet access, names and addresses of three Advisory Committee members’ addresses are provided where paper copies of the documents (including the Comments Form) can be obtained.

This pre-submission consultation is part of the statutory process known as ‘Regulation 14’.  It is a formal continuation of the consultation to date, and which has led to the current draft Neighbourhood Plan. The Consultation is taking place between 4th September 2020 and 30th October 2020. We do want to hear from you, so please give your views on any of the policies in the draft Neighbourhood Plan and any other comments you would like to make.

It is very important to the process that you (and any other members of your household or community) are provided with this opportunity and if you wish changes to be made, please make those known so they can be considered prior to the Plan being issued to Daventry District Council for further consultation and thereafter Independent Examination.

A downloadable Word Version of the Comments Form is available from the below link


Ideally, please can you use the ‘word’ form for your comments typing these in and attaching the completed form to an email to clerk@clipstonparishcouncil.org  - this will then make the task of collating views so much easier.

A downloadable pdf Version of the Comments Form is available from the below link


Alternatively, it this is not feasible, please return handwritten comments on the Form by any of the below methods:

• Email as an attachment to clerk@clipstonparishcouncil.org

• Post to ‘Clipston Neighbourhood  Plan’, Clipston Parish Council, Aysgarth, High Street, Naseby NN6 6DD

• Hand deliver as a paper copy (addressed Clipston Neighbourhood Plan) to any of the following:

Robert Burnham at 9 Naseby Road, Clipston, Leics LE16 9RZ

John Oldershaw at 4 Pegs Lane, Clipston, Leics LE16 9SB

Tony Price at 25 Kelmarsh Road, Clipston, Leics LE16 9RX

The closing date for submissions is 5pm on 30th October 2020