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Changes are indicated in red and an index of changes added at the end

  1. All Clubs taking part in the League must be affiliated to the Coalville & District Bowling Association and have paid their affiliation fee in full... All players must be members of the clubs so affiliated.
  2. Players may only represent one TEAM in any one season. Each club shall provide the League Secretary with a full list of all its players on a registration form provided at the start of each season. Each club must provide the name and telephone number of the Captain of each team entered. Where a club has more than one team entered it will not be necessary to nominate which team any player will play for. As players represent a team, it will be recorded and the player will only be allowed to play for that team during the season. Additional players may be nominated, as above, before they play in the League. The League Secretary will monitor the names of all players through the season and where an ineligible player is used, the points for that rink will be deducted and a further 2 points as penalty
  3. The League is presently made up of THREE divisions, A. B. and C., each comprising EIGHT* teams. At the end of the season, the top two teams from Divisions B. and C. will be promoted and the lowest two teams from Divisions A. and B. will be relegated. The Association Committee reserves the right to re-organise the League as it deems necessary, giving due notice of any changes to member clubs.
  4. All matches are to be played under World Bowls rules as amended by Bowls England.
  5. The HOME club will select the rinks for play, whilst the AWAY captain selects which matches are to be played on which rinks, by pairing the score cards and randomly numbering the reverse sides with the rink numbers.
  6. Three players shall constitute a rink, each playing three bowls. Each side will field three rinks, but see Rule 8 and 9.
  7. Each match shall comprise 18 ends. If the situation demands (e.g. weather conditions) the Captains may agree a lesser number of ends, but AT LEAST 12 ENDS must be played on each rink for the match result to stand. Captains may agree to play a reduced number of ends at the start of the match, or stop the match after 12 of more ends have been played. If an agreement is reached on the number of ends to be played before the match begins the match must end when this number is reached. If a match is played over fewer than 18 ends the score will be that as at the end of an equal number of completed ends on all rinks. If fewer than 12 ends are played, the match shall be replayed in full, disregarding the score in the abandoned match.
  8. Matches are scheduled for Thursdays, and must be played on the appointed date unless bad weather makes the green unplayable. Each club must ensure that they have a sufficient number of registered players for any team they enter; this must include the capability to field a team in the event of sickness and vacations etc. If a team is unable to play on the appointed date, the match will be declared void, and the opposing team will be awarded 8 points and 30 shots, the team failing to play the match will be deducted 8 points and 30 shots. If both captains agree that neither team can play the match on the appointed date they may cancel the game. In this case 3 points and no shots will be awarded to each team.
  9. Matches are to commence at 6.15 PM. Should a team be incomplete by 6.45 PM, one or two games (rinks) may still be played, but the defaulting side shall be deemed to have lost any unplayed rinks by 10 shots, (the score for the match will take into account the unplayed rinks as stated, but it will still be possible for the defaulting team to gain the other points).
  10. Should an entire team fail to arrive by 6.45 PM, or the match not be played for any other reason (including bad weather), the facts are to be notified to the League Secretary by BOTH TEAMS without delay. All unplayed matches, for bad weather, should be rearranged and played within two weeks. It is the responsibility of both team captains to find a suitable time and venue to ensure the match is played within the specified time at whatever venue. However, the League Secretary may, in exceptional unforeseen circumstances, (i.e. bad weather) extend the time allowed to complete these matches. Where a match is not played within the agreed time limit it will be deemed void and each team will be awarded 3 points and no shots.
  11. SCORECARDS: An official scorecard signed by both captains giving the name of all players, the rinks and overall scores must be returned the League Secretary by the HOME team within four days of the match being played. The score card must be e mailed to the League Secretary. If for any reason this is not possible then the HOME captain must inform the League Secretary of the reason. Failure to comply with this rule will mean that the home team will not receive any points from the match and the away team will receive the points they have won from that match.
  12. SCORING: Two points are awarded for each winning rink, one point for a tie. Two points are awarded to the overall winning team, one point to each team for a tied match. League positions will be decided firstly on points, then shot difference, and then games won. If a tie still exists between either promotion or relegation teams then the result of the games played against each other during the season will be the deciding factor.
  13. TROPHIES will be awarded to the winners and runners-up in each Division.
  14. DISPUTES etc: All queries and disputes are to be referred in the first instance to the League Secretary. All that cannot be easily resolved will be referred to a Disputes Panel. Any dispute which is referred to the Disputes Panel must be in writing to the Secretary and within 14 days of the incident which is the subject of the dispute. The Panel will normally comprise the President, the Secretary and the League Secretary. However, if the clubs, of whom these officers are members, are involved in the dispute, other officers of the Association will be substituted. The decisions of this panel shall be final and binding and shall be notified to the clubs concerned without delay.
  15. UNAVAILABILITY OF GREEN: If a Green, or sufficient rinks, is/are not available for a League match to be played, through County commitments or other over-riding reason including the green being unfit to play, the match is to be played on the Away team’s green. If this occurs in the first half of the season, the venue shall be reversed for the return matchCOMPETITION ENTRY CONDITIONS: It is a condition of entry to any Coalville & District competition (i.e. Champion of Champions, Mixed Paris, Top Club) that the participants represent a club which has at least one team playing in the C & D Triples League during that season.


Index of change

Issue 3

Number 4 amended to read World Bowls as amended by Bowls England.

Number 4 the second sentence has been moved to Rule 5 and reference to rule 12 removed.

From new number 5 renumbered.

Number 6 reference to Rule 8 changed to 9.

Number 11 reference to scorecards being posted removed and amended to, must be e mailed.

Issue 4

Rule 6 revised to include rule 8.

Rule 8 amended to add - the team failing to play the match will be deducted 8 points and 30 shots.

Rule 9 revised to reflect that teams teams can field one or two rinks in the event they are unable to field 3 rinks.