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Collingham Men In Sheds

Shed or no shed...?

Mel and George hard at work Mel and George hard at work

There seems to be something of a misconception going round about the Collingham Men in Sheds Group.  Talking to some folks at a recent event, it turned out that a common view of our operation is of a small group of nerds who gather together in a wooden shack at the bottom of somebody’s allotment, play with our tools and do odd jobs for people round the village.  Any visit to our premises on Station Road will dispel this impression.  We now have a comfortable, heated venue with a well equipped workshop, a separate storage room, tea room, and a sizeable facility where arts and crafts can be carried on.  It would actually not be a misnomer to call ourselves the Collingham Community Crafts and Hobbies Centre for that, in a functional sense, is what we are and what we do.


Several of our members are from professional backgrounds in science and engineering and contribute a wide range of skills that can be passed on to others.  One member has been learning wood turning and has produced some impressive work, whilst others have been learning to manipulate digital software for enhancing, printing and framing photographs and yet more have been engaged in clock restoration and undertaking larger projects.  Not least, we have some fertile conversations over coffee in the meantimes and sometimes enjoy a game of cribbage or dominoes.  And don’t overlook the fact that not all of us are retired.  We welcome those who are at work, yet enjoy doing something different at weekends.


So, if you have time to kill, fancy meeting some interesting people, or have a partner who you think ought to take a look, come along and see us on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday mornings at the Shed, 65, Station Road to see what you are missing.

Richard Challand, Secretary